Anju & Kafei Quest
There is a lengthy trading sequence in the game that covers many of the characters in the Bombers Notebook. Below, you can find all of the parts of this quest quickly. You can also find it in the Walkthrough.

Anju & Kafei Quest
 - 1 Hour+ of spare time.
 - Epona's Song.
 - Hookshot.
 - Garo Mask.
 - Romani Mask.

Event 1:

Day 1

10:00 AM to
12:00 AM

 - Go to the Mayor's Residence in East Clock Town. Inside, enter the door on the right and speak with the fat woman (Madam Aroma).

 - She's Kafei's mother, and her son has recently gone missing. You are just so dashing and admirable, she hires you to find him, giving you the Mask of Kafei.

Optional Event:

Day 1

2:10 PM

 - At the Stock Pot Inn in East Clock Town, the Postman will deliver a letter from Kafei.

Event 2:

Day 1

2:15 PM to
3:50 PM

 - Only AFTER the Postman leaves, speak with Anju at the Inn. She'll confuse you with a Goron of the same name and give you the Room Key.

Optional Event:

Day 1

4:00 PM

 - A Goron with your name will come to claim his reservation. You can witness his conversation with Anju at the Inn.

Event 3:

Day 1

2:10 PM to
8:00 PM

 - After you have a Room Key, speak with Anju with the Mask of Kafei.

Event 4:

Night 1

12:00 AM to
6:00 AM

 - Speak with Anju in the kitchen of the Inn to get the Letter to Kafei.

Event 5:

Day 2

Any time before...
9:00 AM

 - Go to any mailbox in Clock Town and put the letter inside. The Postman will come pick it up.

Event 6:

Day 2

3:10 PM to
3:50 PM

 - Go to the Laundry Pool in Clock Town and wait until 3 PM. The Postman will come ring the bell. Kafei will come out of the house and collect the mail. While he's distracted, run inside and wait for him.

Event 7:

Day 2

4:10 PM to
6:00 PM

 - Speak with Kafei inside his house to learn that he was transformed into a child by Skull Kid, then had his Sun Mask stolen from him by Sakon the Thief.

 - He'll then give you the Pendant of Memories.

Event 8:

Day 2 or 3

10:00 AM to
7:00 PM

 - After you exit Kafei's House, go back to the Inn and give the Pendant to Anju. She won't run away on the Final Night now.

Optional Event:

Night 2

9:00 PM to
10:00 PM

 - If you gave Anju the Pendant on the Second Day, you can go to your room upstairs and listen through the rundown wall. Anju is arguing with her mother about staying and waiting for Kafei. No real point, but it adds to the overall story.

Optional Event:

Night 2

12:30 AM to
10:00 PM

 - In order to complete this whole quest, you must not save the Old Lady on the First Night.

 - Go to the Curiosity Shop on the Second Night to witness a short clip in which Sakon the Thief sells the Bomb Bags to the owner.

Event 9:

Day 3

1:00 PM to
6:00 PM

 - Go back to Kafei's hideout at the Laundry Pool in Clock Town. Inside, you'll find the Curiosity Shop Owner.

 - Talk to him to get the Special Delivery to Mama and the Keaton Mask.

Event 10:

Night 3

6:00 PM

 - Warp to Ikana Canyon and head to the lower area. Go through the cave-like deal to find a small area. Kafei is hiding behind a rock, waiting for Sakon to appear.
 - Hide with Kafei, then follow him into Sakon's Hideout to help him get back his wedding ceremony mask.

 - Inside, you will play as both Link and Kafei. As Link you kill enemies to open doors and as Kafei, you step on switches to change the conveir belt speed and open doors.

 Kafei: Push a block onto blue switch.
 Link: Deku Baba.
 Kafei: Avoid red, touch yellow. Blue's in corner.
 Link: Two Deku Babas.
 Kafei: Try to push/pull blocks onto the yellow block and avoid the red one entirely. Try to push the block above the blue on onto it.
 Link: Wolfos.
 Kafei: Switch.
 Link: Switch.

 - At the end, Kafei will get back to the Sun Mask. He will then run back to town. We should do the same (warp).

Event 11:

Night 3

6:00 PM

 - There are two options for this event, each yielding a different reward. You'll have to do the quest twice in order to get the other prize.
A:  - This one can be done from 6:00 PM onward, so it works well with the previous and next events.
 - Go to the Latte Milk Bar in East Clock Town (next to the Inn, you'll need the Romani Mask). Speak to Madam Aroma while wearing the Mask of Kafei.
 - Fork over the letter to get the last Bottle.
B:  - Bring the letter to the Postoffice in West Clock town. Give it to the Postman and he'll have to deliver it.
 - Follow him to the Latte Milk Bar. After a bit, he'll come out and stand near the exit for a short moment before running away from town. Speak with him to get the Postman's Hat.

Event 12:

Last 6 Hours

1:30 left

 - Go back to the Inn and go to Anju's Room (the door at the top of the stairs that's always locked). Anju is waiting for Kafei (only if you gave her the Pendant of Memories)!

 - With just over an hour left, Kafei will return and they will combine their masks at long last. After this wedding ceremony of sorts, they will give you the Couple's Mask and wait to die together.

 - Play the Song of Time!