The Adventure of Link Walkthrough
Welcome to our The Adventure of Link Site Walkthrough. Being one of the hardest Zelda games to date, we have provided you with the best walkthrough on the internet to help you complete it. This guide contains everything from Heart Containers, to descriptions on every boss and enemy that you will encounter. Everything is also included right away when you are able to get it as well.

The Adventure of Link - Walkthrough Index
Chapter 1) Parapa Palace
Chapter 2) Midoro Palace
Chapter 3) Island Palace
Chapter 4) Maze Palace
Chapter 5) Ocean Palace
Chapter 6) Hidden Palace
Chapter 7) Great Palace

  Chapter 1 - Parapa Palace
1.1 Journey To Parapa Palace
1.2 Parapa Palace

  Chapter 2 - Midoro Palace
2.1 Death Mountain
2.2 Midoro Palace

  Chapter 3 - Island Palace
3.1 The Path To The Island Palace
3.2 Island Palace

  Chapter 4 - Maze Palace
4.1 Spells Galore
4.2 Maze Island Palace

  Chapter 5 - Ocean Palace
5.1 The Ocean Path
5.2 Ocean Palace

  Chapter 6 - Hidden Palace
6.1 Dangerous Hyrule
6.2 Hidden Palace

  Chapter 7 - Great Palace
7.1 Valley Of Death
7.2 Great Palace
7.3 Credits