Honey, Bee Mine

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Honey, Bee Mine
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Speak to Beetz between Bonooru's Stand and Lake Siela


Bring Beetz three combs of Courser Bee Honey


Green-rupee.png 100
Beetz returns to the Stable Trotters, making Serenade to Cotera completable.




Honey, Bee Mine is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


Beetz left the Stable Trotters to make a Honey Crepe for Mastro, but hasn't returned to the troupe. Link finds him near the northern bank of Lake Siela, beating his drum in a vain attempt to attract bees for honey. When Link brings him three Courser Bee Honey combs, he pays him 100 rupees, and realises how long he's been away from the troupe for. When he finds out they're playing again, he resolves to search every stable until he finds them.


  • When traveling between the Kakariko Bridge and Kakariko Village, Link can hear Beetz playing his drum.
  • Upon finding him off the road to the east, just north of Lake Siela, he'll find that Beetz is in need of three Courser Bee Honey.
  • Courser Bee Honey can be found in various trees through Hyrule, but Beetz recommends checking out the East Hill Chasm, just northeast of Kakariko Village.
  • Upon returning the Beetz and giving him the honey, he will award Link with a Silver Rupee, before leaving to join the rest of his troupe.
  • As part of the Serenade to Cotera, completing the Honey, Bee Mine adventure will progress in that larger side quest.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Beetz wants to cheer up Mastro, his beloved band leader, by making him a honey crepe. Unfortunately, he's still missing the key ingredient. With three combs of courser bee honey from the hives near the Kakariko Village chasm, Beetz is sure he can make a delicious crepe.
You gave Beetz three combs of courser bee honey, helping him achieve his dream of making a honey crepe. He headed off to a stable to resume his former life as a musician with the Stable Trotters.