A Monstrous Collection III

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A Monstrous Collection III

A Monstrous Collection III is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


After the first two sculptures, Hudson will sculpt any monster Link brings a photograph of. If Link does not ask Kilton what he wants next when bringing a picture, Kilton will be happy at having another statue, but not-so-subtly hints that he wants a Battle Talus. The "A Monstrous Collection III" side adventure does not begin unless he is asked directly, however, and Link does not receive a reward for other pictures.

After Link brings them a picture of a Battle Talus, Kilton is overjoyed and - once the monster is sculpted by Hudson and placed on the stage by Link - makes another presentation to the inhabitants of Tarrey Town. He then gives Link a Monster Bridle as thanks, along with another bottle of Monster Extract.


Complete A Monstrous Collection II


  • This time, Kilton won't tell you upfront which monster he wants a sculpture of, and you'll need to select the "Got a monster in mind?" dialogue option to be told that he wants a photo of a Battle Talus.
  • Acquire a photo of a Battle Talus using the camera. These are scattered around Hyrule; there's one near Yamiyo Shrine in Hyrule Field that is easy to get to (coords: (0202, 0531, 0028)). The photo needs to be in the Album, not the Hyrule Compendium.
  • Show the photo to Hudson to build the statue.
  • Use Ultrahand to put the statue on the green.
  • Talk to Kilton again to trigger the cutscene of the town admiring the new statue and receive your reward.
  • You can then speak to Kilton again to start A Monstrous Collection IV.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Now that Hudson is willing to make more monster sculptures, Kilton is asking for a sculpture of a Battle Talus.
Hudson said he could make one but only if he had a detailed picture of the monster.
You showed Hudson a picture of a Battle Talus, and he was able to make the Battle Talus sculpture. Now Kilton would like it moved to a stage.
Let Kilton know once you've placed the sculpture on the stage.
The Battle Talus sculpture was placed on the stage, and Kilton treated the villagers to a presentation about the monster.
Now he wants to give you a reward for all your help. Be sure to make room for Kilton's present among your belongings, and then go see him.
The Battle Talus sculpture was placed on the stage, and Kilton treated the villagers to a presentation about the monster.
It's been a dream of Kilton's to teach folks about the good side of monsters, so he's thrilled to be one step closer to making that dream a reality.