Horse-Drawn Dreams

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Horse-Drawn Dreams
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Repair Zumi's wagon and catch her a horse


100 rupees



Horse-Drawn Dreams is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


Zumi has bought a second-hand wagon, but it is missing the wheels on one side; and she has no horse to pull it. While wheels are available in the building material caches at New Serenne Stable, she isn't able to fit them. Similarly, while she knows how to catch a wild horse, she tends to get thrown off while trying to soothe it. When Link uses Ultrahand to attach a pair of wheels, and catches a horse for her, she is overjoyed. She gives him a Silver Rupee, the last of her savings, as payment; and names the wagon "Zunk", a portmaneau of Zumi and Link.


Link must have the stamina to catch a horse, or else successfully steal one from a bokoblin.


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Adventure Log

Step Description
Zumi is hoping to repair a busted wagon, but she doesn't have wheels she can attach to it or a horse to pull it. There are building materials at the stable and some wild horses in the area, but if she's going to finish this project, she'll need a helping hand.
Zumi's dream of a horse-drawn wagon once looked hopeless—she didn't have wheels, or even a horse. But you repaired the wheels and caught a horse, resulting in a horse-drawn wagon she can feel proud to own. This wagon she dubbed "Zunk," a combination of your name and hers.