Unknown Huge Silhouette

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Unknown Huge Silhouette





Speak to Gralens in the Emergency Shelter under Lookout Landing


Defeat the Frox at (0177, -0863, -0476), then report back to Gralens


Green-rupee.png 100 (plus an additional Green-rupee.png 300 for completing all three of Unknown Huge Silhouette, Unknown Sky Giant and Unknown Three-Headed Monster)



Unknown Huge Silhouette is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


After defeating the reported Hinox, Stone Talus, and Molduga he requests help with, speak with Gralens again, this time about Unusual monsters. He will mark the location of a Frox on the Purah Pad's map. The Frox is in the Depths at (0177, -0863, -0476), near the Stakijat Lightroot. Link must go to the marked location and defeat it to receive a Silver Rupee from Gralens as a reward.

If this is the third and final of the three "Unknown" monster quests which Link reports back to Gralens on, the latter will also pay him a Gold Rupee as additional thanks.


Speak with Gralens in the Emergency Shelter of Lookout Landing after completing the three WANTED quests.


TODO: Full bullet-point walkthrough, including how to beat a Frox

Adventure Log

Step Description
Gralens of the monster-control crew at Lookout Landing told you the team discovered a massive silhouette in the Depths.
He said that something was wriggling in the dark and then opened its gaping maw as if to swallow them whole.
Gralens of the monster-control crew at Lookout Landing told you about the massive silhouette, which you learned was a Frox.
You successfully defeated it.
You reported your victory over the silhouetted monster in the Depths, called the Frox, to Gralens at Lookout Landing.