The Broken Slate

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The Broken Slate





Begin the Sidon of the Zora quest


Speak with Jiahto at Toto Lake


Find the missing broken slate and put it in its proper place


Unlocks the Clues to the Sky quest



The Broken Slate is a Main Quest from Tears of the Kingdom.


  • As part of the Sidon of the Zora main quest, Sidon suggests visiting the Zora historian, Jiahto. He can be found at Toto Lake, the sludge-filled lake to the north of Zora's Domain.
  • Speak to Jiahto who has discovered an ancient Zora stone slate. However, the slate is broken and he cannot read it in its entirety. He wants to read the full text and thinks the missing part of the slate must be nearby.
  • Right around the corner on the higher ledge, Link will find the missing stone slate. Toss some Splash Fruit on it to clear the Sludge.
  • Use Ultrahand to grab the slate and put it in the all next to Jiahto.
  • Jiahto will read the tablet and it gives a riddle to where Link must next progress too. He suggests that the mark of the king could be related to King Dorephan and suggests consulting with him.
  • This will complete the quest, but then unlock the Clues to the Sky quest.

Adventure Log

Step Description
When you spoke with the historian Jiahto, he told you he discovered an old Zora slate. There is information related to the sky written there, but the slate is broken and the full meaning is unclear.

This could be a clue to finding Princess Zelda. There must be some way to decipher it...
It reads: "Stand upon the land of the sky fish, and behold its lofty view. Among the floating rocks you see, a droplet waits for you. Through this droplet, shoot an arrow with the mark of the king. Do this task, and you shall reveal a most wondrous thing. See the watery bridge's resting spot with your own two eyes...that which connects the Zora to the people of the skies."