A Crabulous Deal

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A Crabulous Deal
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Talk to Cleff


Collect 10 Bright-Eyed Crabs




A Crabulous Deal is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


After eating a Bright-Eyed Crab whole and raw while famished during the sludge attack on Zora's Domain, Cleff has become obsessed with them, constantly making crab puns while greeting shoppers.

If Link asks him about it, he will beg him to bring him 10 crabs. If Link does so, he will give him a sapphire in return, and promise that in any future trades "I will make a trade for some products that are equal in value to the number of crabs you shell out."


The Main Quest Sidon of the Zora must be completed, including the Water Temple.


  • To initiate this quest, talk to Cleff, the owner of the Coral Reef general store in Zora's Domain's Marot Mart. When Link asks about his crab puns, he will ask Link to bring him 10 bright-eyed crabs
  • The crabs can be found all over Zora's Domain and Mipha Court, as well as in caves with water.
  • Cleff will trade the ten crabs for a sapphire.
  • After this, Link can offer more crabs to Cleff for other materials, including other ores.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Cleff, the owner of the Coral Reef general store, is crazy about crabs. He promised to make it worth your while if you can find him 10 bright-eyed crabs.
You gave 10 bright-eyed crabs to Cleff. He offered you a sapphire in appreciation. He's still just as crazy for them and will trade you something good in exchange for more bright-eyed crabs.