Goron Village

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Goron Village is the location of Goron settlements in Majora's Mask and Spirit Tracks.

Majora's Mask

Goron Village is located in the Snowhead Region. It is the location of the Goron Tribe, who live here in the Goron Shrine. The Powder Keg Goron is also found here, as well as the Lens of Truth and the Business Scrub.

Goron Shrine

Main article: Goron Shrine

The Goron Shrine is located in the center of Goron Village; the entrance is dependent in obtaining the Goron Mask first, so in order to enter, Link has to obtain the Lens of Truth, find Darmani's Ghost, acquire the Goron Mask, and open the entrance by doing a Goron Pound in Goron form.

Lone Peak Shrine

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To the East of Goron Village, there is a large void with an apparent "floating cave" on the other end, known as Lone Peak Shrine. Link must talk to Kaepora Gaebora, who instructs Link to let his feelings guide him, so the true path shall open before him, which means that Link should jump where Kaepora's feather lands. Once inside the cave, a Treasure Chest appears containing the Lens of Truth, in addition to a few invisible Skulltulas.

Business Scrub

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If Link has the Swamp Title Deed, he is then able to trade to the Business Scrub in Goron Village for the Mountain Title Deed, which allows him to use the Scrub's Deku Flower anytime to propel himself upward to the nearby Piece of Heart, or further trade it to the Business Scrub in Lulu's room in Zora Hall for an Ocean Title Deed.

Powder Keg

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A cave to the north containing Medigoron's Goron Powder Keg Shop is blocked by ice. It can only be entered after either collecting the Fire Arrow from Snowhead Temple to melt the ice blocking the entrance, or by defeating Goht and causing winter to end, also melting the ice. Inside, Link can obtain a Powder Keg from Medigoron to open up the Goron Racetrack. By successfully doing this, he has the ability to carry one these bombs, which are only usable as Goron Link, as well as be able to purchase them from the Goron in the Clock Town Bomb Shop.

Spirit Tracks

Goron Village ext - ST.png

Goron Village is located in the Fire Realm in New Hyrule. The most important Gorons in Goron Village are the Goron Elder and Kagoron, the Mountain Goddess' Messenger. The first time that Link visits Goron Village, fire is blocking the way into the village. To make the path clear and enter the Sanctuary, Link must meet Kagoron at the Altar of the Mountain Goddess. Kagoron gives Link the Freight Car, so he can retrieve Mega Ice from Wellspring Station and cool off the lava so that the Gorons can enter their village again. Link then speaks with the Goron Elder, who grants him passage to the Fire Sanctuary so he can meet with the Lokomo of the Fire Realm, Embrose.