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The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

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Phantom Hourglass

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass is a hand-held Zelda title that was released for Nintendo DS in 2007. This game is a direct sequel of The Wind Waker and carries over many aspects from the game, including the cel-shaded graphics, certain characters, and a series of islands that require travel by boat.



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At the 2006 Game Developer's Conference, fans saw the very first glimpse of what would become Link's first quest on the Nintendo DS, Phantom Hourglass. The trailer showed off a game that completely utilized the Nintendo DS touch screen, rather than the more standard use of the d-pad and the control buttons. A year later when the game was released, fans were able to get their hands on a Zelda title unlike anything they had played before.


Like the 2d games, excluding Zelda II, Phantom Hourglass took a top down view. However, some sections of the game such as certain boss battles had a more traditional 3d view. The entire game could be controlled using just the Nintendo DS stylus, using it to tap or swipe on the screen to strike with Link's sword or use the six unique items found throughout the game. Because of the design of the controls, the entire game could be played with one hand. The land is once again flooded in this title like it's prequel, The WindWaker. Unlike Windwaker however, the ocean map was split into 4 regions, and the player's ability to explore was expanded by collecting sea charts. This game mechanic would be continued in Spirit Tracks. The sea chart and the regularly map could be written on using the stylus to make notes. Additionally, the game also utilized the Nintendo DS Microphone, which players could blow into or shout at in order to solve puzzles. Another interesting difference between phantom hourglass and most other games in the series is the absence of heart pieces.

Also unique to this game is the temple of the ocean king, a timed dungeon that you slowly work your way through, unlocking more floors to it as you progress through the game, collecting items within it that you need in order to enter the next dungeon in the outside world. Eventually, the goal is to reach the bottom of the temple and defeat the boss. This mechanic of a core dungeon was brought back in spirit tracks.


One day when sailing in the sea, Tetra and her gang of Pirates are on a search for the mystical Ghost Ship. According to Tetra, the Ghost Ship is ruled by obscure pirates who don't know any of the pirate rules. She expects to find them and teach them that there are rules to being a pirate. One of the pirates starts to talk about the "Protector of Waters" also known as the Ocean King. All of a sudden, their ship is engulfed in a mysterious fog. They come face to face with the Ghost Ship. Tetra hops over onto the Ship and then lightning strikes and she screams. Link jumps to save her, but misses and falls into the ocean. Link wakes up on a strange island, where he meets Ciela the fairy, and old man Oshus. This is the only game in the adult timeline where Link has a fairy companion.


Phantom Hourglass originally released in June of 2007 over in Japan, but it later got a worldwide release in October of 2007. On November 20th, 2007, Nintendo of America announced a special Phantom Hourglass Nintendo DS Lite Bundle that would release on November 23rd, 2007 "Black Friday". This bundle included a gold Nintendo DS Lite with a triforce symbol, as well as a copy of Phantom Hourglass. The system is almost identical to that of a limited edition Game Boy Advanced SP.







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