Abe is the husband of Rose and father of Joel and Zill in The Wind Waker. Link first meets Abe when he is crouched down on his knee, hunting a black pig. He tells Link that he wishes to capture the pig and give it to his wife as a present, then explains to Link the correct procedure on how to catch a pig. When Abe was a young man, he was very popular with the ladies. But one day, one woman, who turned out to be Rose, was the only woman he wanted. After a few tries, he finally got Rose to marry him. He loves his family very much, and wishes for them all to be happy. The whole reason he wants to give his wife a pig is because she always wanted a pet, and he thought that a wild pig would be the perfect present.








Rose (Wife)
Joel (Son)
Zill (Son)

If Link catches it by sneaking up on it, he can bring it to Abe's wife, who then gives him a red Rupee as a reward and subsequently names the pig after Link.