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Willi (Brother)

Obli is a character featured in The Wind Waker.


He can be found on the Flight Control Platform along with his brother Willi. He appears to be a Rito, but is actually a human dressing as one. Both Obli and Willi operate the Bird-Man Contest, which involves Link using the Deku Leaf to reach the goal. Obli is the champion of the Flight Control Platform, having recording the furthest distance traveled during the game.

When Link arrives at the Flight Control Platform, he'll first talk with Obli's brother, Willi, who can be found on the lower level. After paying 10 rupees to play, he can climb the ladder to meet with Obli. He mentions the banner in the distance is where the great champion once reached.[1] After Link wins the competition by flying beyond the banner, Obli will congratulate Link.[2] Link will then apper back by Willi, who will reward Link with a Piece of Heart.


Obli Figurine (TWW).png

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Hobby: Dressing up

Obli has such an unhealthy obsession with the Ritos that he's begun dressing as a Rito and running the famed Bird-Man Contest.

He's the older of the laudable brothers who host the contest.


  1. "Oh! A challenger! The contest is afoot! You see that banner far off in the distance? That marks the record distance set by our Great and Talented Champion! ...You must pass that banner!" — Obli, The Wind Waker.
  2. "GOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Con-GRA-tulations!" — Obli, The Wind Waker.