Water is commonly used in all The Legend of Zelda games. It comes in multiple forms like in the sea, lakes, and ponds, in a bottle, and rain. It appears in all games and is most of the time swimmable when it is found in a sea, lake, and pond. Water can, for example, be used for either making plants grow or making safe terrain on lava to walk on. It is often used as a dungeon theme in many games too.


Fountain Water

The Adventure of Link

In the Town of Nabooru, Link may draw water from one of the fountains. If Link takes it to a certain Thirsty Lady, she will permit him to speak with the Wise Man who will teach him the Fire Spell.

Hot Spring Water

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Majora's Mask

Link can find Hot Spring Water in the Goron Graveyard, in a hidden cave in Snowhead, and Beneath the Well. Hot Spring Water can be used to melt ice blocks and thaw out the Goron Elder who teaches Link half of the Goron Lullaby. Hot Spring Water will cool in one real-life minute, regardless if time is slowed using the Inverted Song of Time. The Hot Spring Water is also part of the Trading Sequence in Ikana.

Twilight Princess

Hot Spring Water can be acquired at Death Mountain in Kakariko Village. At one point, Link is tasked to take Hot Spring Water to Hyrule Castle Town. He must also carry a large barrel of it across Hyrule Field to a Goron who will destroy a rock blocking the southern entrance to Hyrule Castle Town.

The Minish Cap

Mt. Crenel Mineral Water can be found on Mt. Crenel.

Forest Water

During the Withered Tree Side Quest in The Wind Waker, Link must bring water from the Forest Haven across the Great Sea to revive the Withered Trees. After 20 real-world minutes, the forest water reverts to regular water that cannot heal the trees.