Crescent Moon Island

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This article is about the island from The Wind Waker. For the island from Oracle of Ages, see Crescent Island.
Crescent Moon Island


Crescent Moon Island is an island found in the northern portion of the Great Sea in The Wind Waker. The island itself is shaped like a crescent moon, giving it its name. Despite its shape, the Ghost Ship appears near this island when the moon is full. Crescent Moon Island is surrounded by three islands; to the west is Gale Isle, to the south is Pawprint Isle, and to the east is Seven-Star Isles. The island is surrounded by a number of pots floating on barrels that contain Rupees.

Points of Interest

Blue ChuChus

There are two Blue ChuChus that can be found on this island. They are located on either side of the Treasure Chest that can be found on the middle portion of the island. They can be defeated by stunning them with the Boomerang and then slashing away with Link's sword.

Treasure Charts

There are two Treasure Charts hidden on this island. The first, Treasure Chart #9, is found inside of a submarine near the island. Treasure Chart #10 is inside of a chest on top of the island.

Heart Piece

After getting Treasure Chart #11 from Dragon Roost Cavern, Link can use it to find a Piece of Heart underwater around the island.


There is a Submarine located northwest of this island. Once on board, Link can defeat a massive horde of Miniblins to acquire Treasure Chart #9.