Great Dragonfly Fairy

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The Great Dragonfly Fairy is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. She lives in a cave near the entrance of Royal Valley. The first time Link visits her, she asks him five questions:

  • The first element you found was the Fire Element, was it not?
Great Dragonfly Fairy







"Welcome to the adventurer's spring... Let me rest your weary body. May light shine on your quest..."

— Great Dragonfly Fairy
Answer: No, it's the Earth Element.
  • Your grandfather's name is Smee, isn't it?
Answer: No, it's Smith.
Answer: Yes.
  • The Blabber Nut gives one the ability to understand the Minish, does it not?
Answer: No, it's the Jabber Nut.
  • The robe of the current king of Hyrule, Daltus, is white, is it not?
Answer: No, it's red.

If Link answers all questions correctly, he receives a larger Quiver. But if he answers one question wrong, the Great Dragonfly Fairy takes all of his Arrows. The next time Link visit her, she restores his health.


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