Woods of Winter Great Fairy

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Woods of Winter Great Fairy

The Woods of Winter Great Fairy is a character in Oracle of Seasons who appears exclusively in a Linked Game.

Tingle Secret

Main article: Tingle Secret

After Link has acquired the Winter season and arrives in the Woods of Winter, he'll eventually reach the entrance to Snake's Remains. One screen east of the dungeon, Link will find a Tree Stump where he can change the season to Winter. This will cause the water on the screen to turn the ice, allowing Link to enter a small cave. Here Link will find the Great Fairy, but only in a Linked Game of Oracle of Seasons.

When Link speaks with the Greay Fairy, the Fairy will tell Link that it's great timing and will mention a man named Tingle, who lives on the edge of Lynna Village.[1][2] The Fairy will want Link to tell Tingle a secret.

Back in Oracle of Ages, Link is able to tell the secret to Tingle. As part of the Tingle Secret quest, Link will increase the capacity of his Seed Satchel, being able to carry 50 seeds, or 99 seeds if Link already acquired the first upgrade. Tingle will then give Link a secret, at which point Link can return to the Maku Tree in Holodrum. After completing Snake's Remains, Link can enter the Maku Tree and speak with Farore. After telling the secret to her, he will increase his Seed Satchal capacity in Oracle of Seasons.



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