Spooky Mask

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Spooky Mask




30 Rupees


Selling it to the Graveyard Boy


In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 こわそなお面
France Française Masque d'Effroi
Spain Español Máscara Tenebrosa
Germany Deutsch Geister-Maske
Italy Italiana Maschera Spaventosa

The Spooky Mask is a Mask from Ocarina of Time. It is a part of the Happy Mask Side Quest, and is the third accessible mask in the Happy Mask Shop.

Happy Mask Side Quest

After Link has finished trading the Skull Mask, he can borrow the third mask in the Happy Mask Shop, the Spooky Mask. Link can bring it to the boy who walks around imitating Dampé the Gravekeeper all day in the Kakariko Village Graveyard. When Link puts on the mask and speaks to him, he will be frightened and think that it is Dampé the Gravekeeper, but he eventually realizes that it is only a mask. He asks if Link can give it to him, and when Link does so, he purchases it for full price (30 Rupees), without even minding it at all.