Giant Brightbloom Seed

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Giant Brightbloom Seed
Giant Brightbloom Seed - TotK icon.png
Icon from Tears of the Kingdom




Green-rupee.png 4

Obtained from

Grows in caves & wells


Strike, throw or fuse to arrows to light up an area (Depths, dark caves, Simosiwak Shrine)
Upgrade Miner's Set to ★★★ & ★★★★

Dye Color

Light Yellow



Giant Brightbloom Seed is a material found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"A seed that's found underground. When struck, it will take root and bloom, radiating a large amount of light from a big flower."

— In-game description

Link can toss, or use an Arrow, with a Giant Brightbloom Seed to hit a nearby area. This will illuminate the surrounding space. A Giant Brightbloom Seed will illuminate a much larger area than the more common Brightbloom Seeds.