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Swamola artwork from A Link to the Past



A Link to the Past
Swamp of Evil
A Link Between Worlds
Misery Mire



Swamolas are enemies from A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds.

A Link to the Past


Swamola appear exclusively within the Swamp of Evil in the Dark World. The Swamp is the counterpart to the Desert of Mystery from the Light World.

Swamola are swamp worms that have larger pincers at the top of their heads. They pop up from the water and glide through the air for a few moments before then diving back underwater. Their actions are very similar to their larger Lanmola cousins, who serves as the dungeon boss in the Desert Palace.

Their heads and pincers bear a resemblance to the Devalant that are encountered within the Desert Palace. However, Devalant never leave the sandy grounds where they live, so it's unclear whether these were intended to be the same enemies.

Swamola are very strong enemies, doing four full hearts of damage if they come into contact with Link. However, at the time Link encounters Swamola, he likely has the Blue Mail, which reduces the damage taken to three hearts. With the standard Master Sword, it takes four sword slashes to defeat these creatures.

A Link Between Worlds

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