Gleeok Thunder Horn

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Gleeok Thunder Horn






Green-rupee.png 70

Obtained from


Making electricity Fused Weapons
Making Elixirs
Armor upgrades


When fused, turns weapons into electric weapons
Elixir Duration +00:40

Dye Color




Gleeok Thunder Horn is a material found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

A Gleeok horn is a material dropped by Thunder Gleeoks and King Gleeoks when defeated. Fusing it to a weapon increases its attack power by thirty. Upon attacking, the horn will emit a burst of electricity. This can be used to shock enemies and send an electric current through metal. Its electric attack can be used indefinitely, and does not have a cooldown unlike other elemental items such as an Electric Lizalfos Horn. However, it greatly shortens the range of the weapon it is fused to.

They are required at Great Fairy Fountains to upgrade the Charged Set to level ★★★★, with 5 horns each (15 total).

They can be used to make elixirs when cooked with creatures, providing an effect duration of +00:40.