Bazaars are shops where Link and occasionally others can purchase items and services to help in their quest.

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The Bazaar in Skyward Sword



Ocarina of Time
Castle Town
Skyward Sword


Ocarina of Time

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In Ocarina of Time, the Bazaar is found next to the Potion Shop in Hyrule Castle Town Market while Link is a child. After Ganondorf's destruction of Hyrule Castle Town, it moves to Kakariko Village.

The Bazaar is run by a large, hairy man and it sells many different products for Link's quest, such as Recovery Hearts and Shields. If Link speaks with the Death Mountain Trail Gatekeeper in Kakariko Village before buying the Hylian Shield in the Bazaar, he will receive a discount on it.

Skyward Sword


In Skyward Sword, the Bazaar is a covered market in Skyloft, rather than a single shop in its own right.

The Scrap Shop

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The Scrap Shop is the home of the Upgrade System, a new feature in Zelda that allows Link to enhance his items and shields by collecting Jelly Blobs, Amber Relics, Monster Claws, Ornamental Skulls, and other Treasures.

By upgrading a shield, the shield's strength meter will expand. By upgrading items, they will be enhanced in some way to become more useful.

The Potion Shop and The Infusion Shop

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Here Link can buy and upgrade potions. The shop is split into two parts: The Potion Shop (run by Luv) and The Infusion Shop (run by Bertie). If Link brings specific bugs he's caught with the Bug Net to Bertie he can upgrade Link's potions so they are more effective.

The Fortune Teller

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Fortune Tellers have appeared multiple times throughout the Zelda series, and Sparrot is not much different. He will tell Link's fortune. It only costs one rupee the first time, and from then on, it costs ten rupees. His predictions will either give Link a hint in where to go for the story of the game, or they will reveal the location of Treasures.

Item Check

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The Item Check is a place where pouch items can be dropped off or picked up, as pouch space is limited. If Link collects a pouch item, but it is full, the item goes to Item Check. The girl running it develops a crush on Link during the course of the game.

Gear Shop

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This is a general store, and it sells many things. Here, Link can buy extra seeds and satchels, arrows and quivers, or bombs and bags. The satchels, bags, and quivers are upgradable pouch items. So are the other three items: the shields, all available at different points in the game.

  • Wooden Shield - It is not very strong, but it is insulated against electricity. If it contacts fire, it will burn up.
  • Iron Shield - This is more durable, and it will never burn, but electricity can be quite a shock.
  • Sacred Shield - This one is quite expensive at 500 rupees. It is not flammable and electricity won't damage Link. It can even stand up to magic and it will repair itself over time. However, it is even weaker than the wooden shield.

Non-Canon Appearances

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Hyrule Warriors

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The Bazaar in Hyrule Warriors is accessed through a menu system. It gives access in turn to the Apothecary, Badge Market, Smithy and Training Dojo.