Hero's Cave Zora

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Hero's Cave Zora

The Hero's Cave Zora is a character in Oracle of Seasons who appears exclusively in a Linked Game.

King Zora Secret

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In a Linked Game of Oracle of Seasons, the Hero's Cave has a much different layout. As Link progresses in the main story and acquires new items, he can dive deeper into the Hero's Cave. After acquiring the Pegasus Seeds, as well as Roc's Feather from Poison Moth's Lair, Link is able to reach deeper rooms in the Hero's Cave.

After traveling through the first red swirling warp, Link will appear in a room on the first floor with the Hero's Cave Zora. After making his way over, Link can speak with the Zora to find that the Zora is traveling the lands on behalf of King Zora. The Zora looking for a new place to locate a domain, but so far he has not found a location that exceeds Labrynna's Seas.[1] The Zora asks Link to relay this message to King Zora and will tell Link a secret.[2][3]

Back in the present day of Oracle of Ages, Link can speak with King Zora and tell him the secret he learned. King Zora will thank Link for delivering the message to him from the Zora he sent to Holodrum.[4] As a reward, King Zora will sharpen Link's Sword. If Link has the Wooden Sword, it will upgrade to the Noble Sword. If Link already has the Noble Sword, it will upgrade to the Master Sword.



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