Moth Gibdo

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"These monsters appeared along with the sand shroud. Winged horrors that attack quickly while in flight, they have tough skin that allows them to withstand physical attacks. Fire and lightning are effective against them."

— In-game description

Moth Gibdo are enemies that appear in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Moth Gibdos appear as an entirely new variant of Gibdo to the Zelda franchise, distinguished by their brightly colored bluish-green wings. They will always hover in the air just out of normal reach from Link, frequently executing their only attack of spraying a green mist towards him. They are considerably weaker than normal Gibdos, able to be taken out by a single Arrow fused with Fire Fruit or Shock Fruit or a spear fused with any fire or lightning-type material. Upon defeat, they drop Gibdo Bones, Gibdo Guts and Gibdo Wings.

Originally, Moth Gibdos will appear often in the outer fringes of Gerudo Desert and in great numbers during the Tower-Defense style segment of the Riju of Gerudo Town part of the Main Quest, but once the Lightning Temple has been completed, Moth Gibdos become a very rare encounter. They can be faithfully found in two places after this point, in the Ancient Altar Ruins located in the East Barrens of Gerudo Desert, and at the Gerudo Underground Cemetary in the Depths, where they will be covered in Gloom and also drop Zonaite. They can also be fought any time a fight is instigated with Queen Gibdo, though they will not drop any materials, and can also be briefly encountered both in Hyrule Castle and during the War in the Depths of Hyrule at the climax of the game.

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