Golden Apple

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Golden Apple
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Defeating an Evermean


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Golden Apple is a material found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"A rare, very sweet fruit that seems to have an extra sparkle to it. Sometimes found near normal apples."

— In-game description

Golden Apples grow on the same trees as regular Apples, but are much rarer. They will restore an extra ½ heart if eaten raw compared to a normal Apple. They can be cooked over an open flame to make a Baked Golden Apple.

A Golden Apple can sometimes be obtained as a reward for defeating an Evermean.

It is very valuable not in price but in cooking effects. When used on a recipe, it gives a guaranteed critical boost (which otherwise is only possible during a blood moon) meaning it will increase the amount of hearts restored on the dish, duration of the boosts and effect potency. It is recommended that you don't sell them but instead use them on stats boosting meals.