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Oolo is a character in Skyward Sword. He is a Kikwi that lives in Faron Woods. As Fi suggests, Oolo is the shyest Kikwi.


Link first meets Oolo when Bucha, the Kikwi elder, asks him to search for his fellow Kikwis.[1] Oolo is found hiding on a ledge, curled up on his stomach with his shrub-like back up in order to look like a plant. When Link tries to pick him up, Oolo is frightened and screams at him not to eat him.[2] However, he then realizes that Link is looking for the Kikwis, and he gratefully tells Link to inform the elder of his location, although he plans on staying hidden for the time being.[3][4] When Fi appears right after, Oolo is terrified and begins to shiver.[5]

Later, Oolo is also involved in a side-quest to collect Gratitude Crystals. After Faron teaches Link her part of the Song of the Hero, Link can talk to Instructor Owlan. He asks Link to find him a new species of plant to study.[6] Link can then talk to Oolo, who complains that his shoulders are sore from staying hidden for so long.[7] Although the other Kikwis think it is safe, Oolo does not trust the newfound peace and he is frustrated by staying hidden all the time.[8][9][10] When he wonders if there was some other place he could go to feel safe, Link offers to take him to Skyloft.[11] Scrapper carries Oolo into The Sky with Link. If Link brings Oolo back to Owlan's room, Owlan is very excited and rewards Link with five Gratitude Crystals.[12][13] At first, Oolo appears to be pleased with his praise.[14] However, after a while he admits that he does not enjoy the instructor's scrutinity and tells Link that this new life is not much different from when he was in the forest.[15]


  • Most Kikwi names seem to be derived from various teas, so it's likely that "Oolo" references oolong tea.


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