The Noble Canteen

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The Noble Canteen


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The Noble Canteen is a shop found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Noble Canteen is a bar located at the north side of Gerudo Town. The bar is known for its signature drink, the Noble Pursuit. Many Gerudo, as well as a Hylian women named Jules, will come to the bar each day to drink the Noble Pursuit.

The bar is run by Furosa, en elderly Gerudo who works behind the counter 24-hours a day. Due to Link being a bit to young to drink, Furosa won't serve Link anything to drink.[1][2] Link can ask for some milk to drink, at which point Furosa will laugh it off, stating that she doesn't sell such childish drinks here at the bar. She thinks that Greta from the Gerudo Secret Club has told Link to ask about Milk, as a prank.[3]

The Secret Club's Secret

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In the lounge of the bar, Link will find three Gerudo women sitting down and drinking. Yaido will tell Sumati and Pyra that she knows the secret to get into the Gerudo Secret Club. However, they'll notice that Link is eavesdropping and she won't say it. If Link goes next door he can list in through the window and Yaido will reveal the password. This allows Link to gain entrance into the Gerudo Secret Club, completing The Secret Club's Secret side quest.

The Perfect Drink

Main article: The Perfect Drink

Out in the Gerudo Desert, Link will find a Gerudo named Pokki, falling on top of the pedestal outside the Misae Suma Shrine. She wants to drink some Noble Pursuit, which will begin The Perfect Drink shrine quest. After speaking with Furosa at the Canteen, Link will be guided to the Northern Icehouse. Here he will meet up with Anche, who will a guard who protects the icehouse. Link will need to carefully carry some ice across the ruins, bringing it back to Furosa. After successfully doing so, he can return to Pokki and give her the news that Noble Pursuit is back in stock. This will complete the shrine quest and will cause Pokki to appear in the Noble Canteen.


  1. Vasaaq... Oh, are you a Hylian vai? We don't see too many of you... I can't tell how old you are, but you look a little young to be coming to my shop. You see, we mix special drinks here. Drinks that are definitely just for adults... - Furosa
  2. Well, you're a little too young to be here, don't you think? - Furosa
  3. Milk?! We don't carry anything as childish as milk here! Did Greta tell you to come here and ask that? That store clerk is just playing a prank on you. Good friend, doesn't she have anything better to do with her time? She's always being so secretive about her shop. But hiding something just makes young people more interested... - Furosa