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Jules is a character from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Jules is a Hylian who can be found in Gerudo Town. When talking to Link, she really likes the Gerudo Clothes that he's wearing and asks if he purchased them from the Fashion Passion.[1] Jules however has a suspicion about Link and thinks that he's actually just a boy. After figuring out that he is a boy, she promises not to tell a soul.[2] She compliments Link, stating that he really makes a convincing girl.[3]

Jules loves to shop and each morning at 5am, she walks over to Ardin's mushroom shop. She's debating whether she should purchase some Chillshrooms or Sunshrooms.[4] After 12pm, Jules will travel over to the Starlight Memories jewelry shop. She doesn't see any items on display outside, so she wonders if they are even open.[5] The store will not stock any items until Link completes the Tools of the Trade side quest, by giving Isha some Flint.

At 6pm each evening, Jules will make her way over to The Noble Canteen. She can be seen leaning up against one of the falls where she will drink a Noble Pursuit, the signature product of the shop. [6] Although Link can caution her not to drink too much, at which point she says she's only going to have one more.[7] Jules will mention that the Noble Pursuit pairs well with ice from the Icehouse. She mentions that there is an ice depository to the north, where a hole was dug deep in the ground and ice from the Gerudo Highlands is stored.[8][9] As part of The Perfect Drink shrine quest, Link will need to head to the icehouse to grab some ice. Jules will stay at the bar overnight, never sleeping. At 5am she will head back to the main part of town to go shopping.


  1. Ah, aren't those the clothes sold at Fashion Passion? I was thinking about buying some myself... How do you feel? Comfy? Say, are you, uhh... I really don't know how to say it... Might you be... A boy? - Jules
  2. You are! I knew it! It's really impressive-you getting in here without anyone else noticing! Don't need to worry. I won't tell a soul. Just a little secret between us Hylian vai, right? Hehehe. - Jules
  3. Hehe, I have to say... You really make a convincing girl... I know your secret, and I'm still fooled every time you walk up! - Jules
  4. Chillshrooms are great, but the nights here are so cold... Maybe I should get some sunshrooms instead... - Jules
  5. Huh? This is an accessory shop, isn't it? I don't see any accessories on display. Are they not open yet? - Jules
  6. The name of this drink is Noble Pursuit. It's the signature product of this store. It really pairs wonderfully with ice from the icehouse. - Jules
  7. Oh, I'm fine! I'm only gonna have one more. Oh, darn... What was it... Good-bye... Good-bye... Save... Oh! Sav'orq! - Jules
  8. The icehouse is an ice depository that was made by digging a hole in the ground. It sounds like they cut ice from the nearby Gerudo Highlands, take it there, and then store it. - Jules
  9. Go out the main gate and head left. First you'll see some ruins... Just go past them and you'll see the icehouse. - Jules