Fishing Hook

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Fishing Hook

"You exchanged Text Broom.png for the Fishing Hook Text Fishing Hook.png! What will the Fishing Hook become?"

— In-Game Description
Fishing Hook-LA.png

The Fishing Hook is an item acquired in Link's Awakening as part of the fourteen-item Trading Sequence. Link obtains the Fishing Hook by speaking with Grandma Yahoo while having the Broom in his possession. She tells him that she found it while sweeping the river bank.[1] After doing so, Link will then find the Fisherman located in Martha's Bay, more specifically Under the Bridge. He has lost his hook and is unable to catch anything.[2] When Link brings it back, he is thankful and says that Link can have his next catch.[3] The catch turns out to be the Mermaid's Necklace.[4]


  1. "Okay! In return you can have this fishing hook I found when I swept by the river bank!" — Grandma Yahoo, Link's Awakening.
  2. "It's no use, little buddy! A fish took my hook... I keep casting my line into the water, but I haven't got a bite... I thought this would happen..." — Fisherman, Link's Awakening.
  3. "Oh! What is that you have in your hand? It's not a fishing hook, is it? You had better let me have it. I'll give you my next catch if you let me have it... Okay No" — Fisherman, Link's Awakening.
  4. " The Text Fishing Hook.png became a necklace Text Necklace.png! L-l-lucky!" — In-Game Description, Link's Awakening.