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Mamasha (mother)
Papahl (father)
Joonya (brother)
Kidoh (brother)

Suhni is a character from the remake of Link's Awakening. He is one of the four Island Quadruplets and can be found in Mabe Village, just outside the Trendy Game. After Link acquires the Yoshi Doll from the game, Suhni will call out to him, saying that his mother, Mamasha, is desperate for one and has been trying to get it for quite some time.[1] Suhni will direct Link to visit his mother at the north side of town.[2]

Suhni is differentiated from his siblings as he wears yellow pants.


  1. Whoa! You won the Yoshi doll! We've been trying to do that forever! Our mom is really desperate to have one. - Suhni
  2. Way to go! Our mom's gonna be so jealous. Huh? Oh, she's probably back at our house - the one up north with two doors. - Suhni