East Akkala Beach

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East Akkala Beach is a location found in Breath of the Wild. It is south-east of the East Akkala Stable.

Breath of the Wild

The East Akkala Beach is the shoreline along the east end of Akkala, partially bordering the Akkala Sea. Further south, the beach is attached to Malin Bay, near the Rist Peninsula. A Raft can be found along the shoreline, allowing Link to easily reach the Rist Peninsula and explore the sea.

Nearby Korok Seeds

Finish the magnetic block puzzle with the block submerged to the east.

There is a block puzzle in the water, with the metal block in the water to the east. The solution is in the water with the metal block. (It is deeply submerged and almost impossible to see at night.)

Stand near the pinwheel and shoot the balloons.

Stand near the pinwheel and shoot the balloons.



Tears of the Kingdom

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