Cado is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Cado in front of Impa's house.





Guard of Impa's home.




Rola (Estranged Wife)
Dorian (Fellow Guard)


Cado and Dorian are two of the guards that protect the entrance to Lady Impa's house within Kakariko Village. Cado wears traditional Sheikah clothing and when Link first approaches, Cado initially gives resistance to allowing Link to pass. Upon seeing the Sheikah Slate, Cado realizes who Link is and apologizes.[1][2][3] Cado later tells Link that they are on high alert due to the Yiga Clan recently stirring up trouble.[4][5] Before Link first speaks with Impa, Cado and Dorian will remain on guard 24-hours a day, standing at the base of the staircase in front of Impa's home.

Cado works the night-shift as a guard, beginning at midnight and staying until noon. If it is before 5am in the morning, Cado will tell Link to come back later, as Impa is asleep. He suggests resting in front of the campfire nearby.[6] At 12pm, Cado will leave his post, heading home to check on his cuccos.[7] Here, Link can speak with Cado who is distressed that some of his Cuccos have escaped. This will begin the Flown the Coop quest. After Cado's wife left him, the cuccos were all he had left and pleads to Link to help get them back.[8][9]

After returning all of Cado's Cuccos, he'll be thankful, enjoy watching his Cuccos. He particular enjoys feeling being able to fly while holding a Cucco.[10][11][12]

At 5pm each day, Cado will begin making his way inside of home.[13] He will go to bed, but even while sleeping, all he thinks about is Cuccos.[14] Cado awakes at 11pm to make it for his night shift as a guard, but even then he hates having to leave his Cuccos behind.[15]

Cado estranged wife is Rola, the shop keeper at The Curious Quiver, the arrow shop in town. Rola left him due to his obsession with Cuccos. Although Rola herself is obsessed with archery and wishes that Cado had that same passion.[16][17]

Flown the Coop

Main article: Flown the Coop

Shortly after 12pm, Cado can be found standing right outside his home, looking at his cuccos. He is saddened that some of them are missing and asks Link for some help.[18][19]

The seven remaining Cuccos are scattered about throughout the village. Each time Link brings one of them back, Cado will give Link an update on how many have returned to him.[20][21][22][23][24][25] After Link is united all then of the Cuccos, Cado will be thankful and will reward Link with a Purple Rupee.[26] [27]


  1. You there! Who are you?! How dare you trespass upon Lady Impa's abode! Hm? Is that...a Sheikah Slate? But that would mean you are... No, it's not possible. Can it be? - Cado
  2. Please forgive us for behaving so rudely. Of course we have heard the legends from Lady Impa herself. Please, friend... Go ahead and step inside. - Dorian
  3. Though it was simple ignorance, I must apologize again for my actions. Lately the Yiga Clan has been stirring up trouble. We are all on high alart. Still... That is no excuse for my behavior. - Cado
  4. We of the Sheikah tribe have long been heralded as people of great wisdom. Our technology became the key to sealing Ganon away during the Great Calamity, some ten thousand years ago. At one point, out technology was praised as the power of the gods...but eventually the people turned on it. Turns on us. Our creations came to be viewed as a threat to the kingdom. The Sheikah became outcasts, forced into exile. Some, like us, chose to cast off our technological advances and strove to live normal lives. Others fostered a hatred toward the kingdom that shunned them. These sad souls swore their allegiance to Ganon. They now call themselves the Yiga Clan. Their sole mission is to eliminate all who stand against Ganon. Please, dear hero... be careful out there. - Cado
  5. Recently, the Yiga Clan has been acting suspiciously... It is out duty to protect Lady Impa. - Cado
  6. Lady Impa is sleeping. I suggest you wait until tomorrow to seek counsel with her. Simply sit in front of the tranquil fire, and time will pass by quickly... - Cado
  7. I must be going soon. They'll be waiting for me, my little ones... - Cado
  8. Sir... Sir Link... My Cuccos... My precious Cuccos... They haven't come home yet! Now that my wife wants nothing to do with me, my Cuccos are my only emotional support... Waaaah... What do I doooo... AAAARRRRGH!! - Cado
  9. My wife left me a while ago... All this time I've been waiting for her to come back. Ha. Joke's on me. Ha... Ha ha... - Cado
  10. Ah! Link! Because of you, my Cuccos are out there playing happily. So, what do you think? Aren't they special? And to think, you can fly them anywhere! - Cado
  11. My wife never understood the appeal of these sweet little beauties... Well... her loss. - Cado
  12. Of course! Didn't you know that? A Cucco that can't fly would be... just a glorified chicken! How boring! Ah, that moment when you take hold of a precious Cucco and leap off an edge... Oh, how your stomach flutters! It's truly my greatest joy in life. - Cado
  13. As I was watching my Cuccos... the day just passed me by. Now it's late! Ever since what happened, I'm afraid to leave them. But I have some work to do tonight, so I'd better go get some rest. - Cado
  14. Don't leave me... Little Cucco... *sniffle* Zzzz... *mumble* - Cado
  15. I'll have to be away from them for a little while... - Cado
  16. Hey, kid! I saw you! You were amazing! Boy, what a shot in the heart that was! My husband's a fine archer himself... but we're living apart right now. This feeling... It's been so, so long. I'm so excited right now! That really was something special to see. In fact, here... A token of my thanks. - Rola
  17. If only my husband hadn't become obsessed with Cuccos and had kept up with his archery skills... If only... - Rola
  18. Really? Thank you so much!! I have 10 Cuccos total. Hopefully you'll be able to find them all... - Cado
  19. I should have 10 Cuccos total. Even just one unaccounted for won't do! Sadly, only 3 have returned to me. To think that somewhere out there, even one of my poor Cuccos could be lost and lonely... Please! Hurry up and bring them back to me! For their sake...and for mine, as well... - Cado
  20. Sadly, only 4 have returned to me. - Cado
  21. Sadly, only 5 have returned to me. - Cado
  22. Sadly, only 6 have returned to me. - Cado
  23. Sadly, only 7 have returned to me. - Cado
  24. Sadly, only 8 have returned to me. - Cado
  25. Sadly, only 9 have returned to me. - Cado
  26. Link!! My Cuccos... My sweet little baby Cuccos... They're all back!! Thank you so much! Really, I could never thank you enough! This isn't much, but I insist you take it! - Cado
  27. I'm ready to get out there again! Though I do wish my wife would come back to me, just like my Cuccos did... - Cado