Mole Mitts

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Mole Mitts
Mole Mitt - TMC art.png




Attacking and digging


The Mole Mitts are an item in The Minish Cap. They are used to dig through dirt that otherwise would be unpassable.

The Minish Cap

The Mole Mitts are found in the Fortress of Winds behind a bombable wall. They are used frequently in the dungeon to dig up the dirt to access other parts of the dungeon and find chests. They are also used in the fight with the dungeon's boss, Mazaal to dig through inside his head to find his weak point. This same strategy is used to fight Vaati's Wrath.

They can be used in the overworld to dig up Rupees, Recovery Hearts, and Kinstones. Some certain patches of dirt can be dug to find especially large sums of rupees.

A popular money-making cheat is to use the Mole Mitts on the area just right to Link's door in South Hyrule Field.

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