Wind Temple (Tears of the Kingdom)

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The Wind Temple, also known as The Legendary Stormwind Ark, is one of the major dungeons found in Tears of the Kingdom. It is the final portion of the Tulin of Rito Village main quest.

Tulin of Rito Village

After teaming up with Tulin, the pair climb the chain of mountains looming above Hebra Peak, using both Link's Ascend and Tulin's Power of Wind, eventually reaching the Rising Island Chain in The Sky. After some island hopping the duo discover a mysterious light and a voice urging them to come closer. Intrigued, the fledging insists on climbing further up with Link, braving the vicious cold winds of the encircling snowstorm. However, a surge of lightning flashes within the cyclone, revealing the silhouette of a large ship patrolled by several smaller ones.

After hopping along and above the smaller vessels, the two fly above the raging winds and skydive into the 'eye' of the storm, where the rumored Stormwind Ark lurks within.

When the two arrive they will initially see "Princess Zelda", who disappears as a gust of wind comes from inside the ship. She will then disappear, and the exploration of the Ark begins.

The Stormwind Ark

The Wind Temple itself takes the form of a huge ancient warship, supposedly as a gift to the Rito from the Zonai. Inside, it houses the source of the ongoing blizzard but is locked by 6 mechanisms that each control one blade of a door. The ship itself composes of 3 floors; the upper deck, mid-deck and the lower deck, the latter of which accessible by exposed breaches in the hull. It is guarded by a brigade of Soldier and Captain Constructs patrolling the decks. Additionally, three gun turrets scan the skies for intruders. One at the bow and two watching either port and starboard, firing explosive shells at them. Fans, scattered throughout the ship, power 5 inactive locks and must receive a sizable gust of wind to start. Once all 5 fans are active, the central console can be activated and the door opened.


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To complete the Wind Temple, Link will need to activate all five gears and then face off with the dungeon boss, Colgera.