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The Harp is Sheik's only weapon in Hyrule Warriors. Sheik starts with a Goddess's Harp when she is unlocked after completing The Sheikah Tribesman in Legend Mode.

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Used by

"A harp that commands magical melodies. It can be imbued with elemental affinity using Combo Attacks. Use the Strong Attack button to tap into elemental powers and cause various effects."

— In-Game Description

Each of the Harp's combos use a different element:

  • Sheik's first attack chain (Regular Attack + Strong Attack) causes her to send a tunnel of water forward, sweeping away enemies. Pressing the Strong Attack button right after storing this water ability (shown by an icon under the Special Attack Gauge) causes Sheik to play the Serenade of Water on her harp and create a water shield around herself. This shield is very useful when playing a stage where great amounts of damage are dealt.
  • The second attack chain is fire, resulting in Sheik calling a flaming boulder down from the sky. With fire stored, Sheik can play the Bolero of Fire on the harp to create a circle of flames in front of her.
  • The next attack chain is lightning. She leaps into the air and tosses a few lightning bolts at the enemies in front of her. She can then play the Song of Storms, and a circle of lightning appears around her for a short time, harming enemies when she runs into them.
  • Next comes darkness. Sheik jumps high, then teleports toward the ground with a burst of purple magic. Pressing the Strong Attack button lets her play the Nocturne of Shadow, which makes a vortex of dark magic suck enemies in for a short amount of time.
  • The last chain is light. When she plays the Prelude of Light on the harp, a shimmering golden triangle appears around her. As long as she stands in it, her Special Attack Gauge slowly fills up. If there is no element stored, the harp lets off a tiny burst of magic.

Goddess's Harp

  • Base attack: 80
  • Per star: 8

Typhoon Harp

Unlocked in Legend Mode from a Sealed Weapon found in a chest that appears after capturing Temple Face Keep in The Water Temple scenario, set in Lake Hylia.

  • Base attack: 150
  • Per star: 15

Triforce Harp

Unlocked in Adventure Mode by completing the challenge at grid G15? with an "A" rank as Sheik after using a Bomb on the fourth-from-right space on the north wall, and revealing the enemies with a Goddess's Harp on the Goddess Butterflies.

  • Base attack: 280
  • Per star: 28

8-Bit Stepladder

Part of the Master Quest Pack, unlocked in the Master Quest map of Adventure Mode by completing the challenge at grid E13? with an "A" rank after using a Recorder on the lake (one space down and one space right from the top-left corner) and Digging Mitts on the patch of soft soil.

  • Base attack: 280
  • Per star: 28