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  1. J

    Final Showdown

    Trying fighting the horde in hero mode with only six hearts and no potions, fairies, or life medals..... Its insane.
  2. J

    What if the Ocarina of Time...

    Actually, Hyrule Historia hints that the Ocarina of Time is in fact made from Timeshift stones. http://forums.zeldainformer.com/threads/hyrule-historia-translations.8624/page-5 Read the first two posts.
  3. J

    Favorite Moment in Skyward Sword

    Impa chastizing Link, Groose falling out of the sky, Ghirahim in the Fire Sanctuary, Link travelling through the Gate of Time for the first time, the epic Triforce wish, Ghirahim kidnapping Zelda, and every Ghirahim scene in the finale.
  4. J

    Things You Tried to Do.......

    My favorite thing was rolling bombs at the bokoblins/moblins, watching them back away, and then whipping out the gust bellows and blowing them at them. Felt so good to outsmart their AI.
  5. J

    Hardest Enemy

    Stalmaster and Quadro Baba. Both block me all the time. Electric chus were a pain until I started bombing them.
  6. J

    Easiest Temples (and Bosses) EVER in Zelda Series?!

    Wind Waker's dungeons were much simpler. Skyward Sword had more streamlined dungeons. They were shorter and there were no branching paths or extra rooms. This might be where you are getting the impression that they are simpler.
  7. J

    Skyward Sword I Missed Getting the Claw Shot?

    It is impossible to miss the clawshots. If you think you missed them, then it is not time to get them yet. This is a very linear game. Just follow the path the game lays out for you.
  8. J

    Spoiler Are the Names of Some of the Dungeons Odd?

    Well if I recall correctly, Skyview had alot of bird architecture throughout the dungeon. It was also probably created to protect the sacred spring, which would be the first place the goddess reincarnated would travel to after falling from the heavens. So the place has its connections to the...
  9. J

    Hardest Enemy

    Gotta be stalmaster. They change the positions of their swords so fast. Definitely gave me the most trouble.
  10. J

    Spoiler Skyward Sword and TP?

    The Temples are almost definitely one and the same. As for the Master Sword, thats anyone's guess.
  11. J

    A Very Urgent Question!!!

    Honestly, I'd download Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask off of virtual console. It would only cost $20 total. These two games represent the pinnacle of the series and pretty much define what a Zelda should be. But my next choice would be Skyward Sword. Great game.
  12. J

    Skyward Sword: The Worst 3D Zelda Title

    Some people are labelling this game as the worst because it brings the most change. Some people will reflexively shy away from it. With a game like this, only time will tell how good it truly is.
  13. J

    Spoiler Zelda's Loftwing?

    Well we never know where Link's bird is when it is not with him. So yeah, Zelda's likely just flew away.
  14. J

    Spoiler What is Ghirahim? Theories

    The sword Ganondorf uses in Twilight Princess is the sword that the sages used for executions. We see him obtain it in the flashback at the end of Arbiter's Grounds.
  15. J

    Favorite Thing About Skyward Sword?

    Pacing. There is stuff to do between dungeons throughout the entire game. Even the ending doesn't feel rushed like it has in past games.
  16. J

    How Long Did It Take You to Get the Heart Piece from Dodoh?

    It tooks me well over an hour. That was the most addicting Zelda minigame I've seen in a long time. It was really fun too. I sucked at sky diving at first, but playing that game for so long made me a pro. I hated reading Dodoh's speech every single time though......
  17. J

    Hardest Dungeon?

    Definitely Sky Keep. I liked that the dungeons in this game steadily got more and more challenging. There were no strangely easy/hard outliers.
  18. J

    Spoiler What's Your Least Favourite Boss?

    Moldarach was way too easy. Just lock on, walk backwards, and wait for one of the pincers to open up.
  19. J

    Spoiler Skyward Sword: What Have We Learned?

    I don't think Demise's hatred could have led to the creation of the gerudo. Only Ganondorf and Twinrova are malevolent. The rest of the gerudo are not actually evil beings. There is also the fact that it is much simpler and logical for Demise to just be reborn in Ganondorf. As for the goddess...
  20. J

    Spoiler Skyward Sword: What Have We Learned?

    Well Hylia did not exist when Majora's Mask was created. The devs could never plan that far ahead. They also would not care enough to go back and rethink the meaning of that one line of dialogue. So the goddess of time is one of the three original goddesses. The Demise -> Gerudo theory...
  21. J

    Why No Triforce

    Well now that we've played the game, it seems that the crest sans triforce was so popular because up to this point no mortal had ever possessed the triforce. At the end of the game, Link and Zelda stay on the surface to form the royal family and protect the triforce. So it would make sense for...
  22. J

    Lack of Skydiving

    The loading time between the sky and Skyloft was disappointing, as was the automatic deployment of the sailcloth. But doing a nosedive into solid ground is awesome.
  23. J

    Spoiler Skyward Sword: What Have We Learned?

    We learned that Zelda and most likely Link stay on the surface to protect the Triforce. This explains how Hyrule was formed. It also explains that the royal family are all descendants of Hylia, which is why the land is called Hyrule and the people Hylians. The Sheikah were sworn to obey the...
  24. J

    Spoiler What is Ghirahim? Theories

    ^ ^ The game states Hylia created Fi after sealing away Demise. Zelda explains it right before she goes to sleep.
  25. J

    Okay So I May Sound A Bit Stupid But...

    I just hate it when she pops up on her own to give me a rather obvious tip. At the start of the game, I'm pretty sure you have to listen to her explain what the green column of light is three times.
  26. J

    Skyward Sword: The Worst 3D Zelda Title

    If I wrote down a list of everything you can do in Clock Town and everything you can do in Skyloft, Clock Town would have the bigger list. There are more things to do. How is that not a fact? All of the sidequests, mini games, and secrets are all things that actually exist. You cannot deny that...
  27. J

    New Zelda Vs Twilight Princess Zelda

    SS Zelda obviously. She had character development and, well, a character. TP Zelda was just there.
  28. J

    Skyward Sword: The Worst 3D Zelda Title

    No its not. Clock Town had the three day cycle. Charcters had agendas. The game had to track all of those characters in this one town throughout the entire 72 hours. There are two instances in Skyloft where you can make choices that could affect NPC's lifes in multiple ways. Clock Town had...
  29. J

    Spoiler Quite a Moving Scene

    I'm actually not sure which scene was more impactful to me. Link's emotions were much more powerful in SS, but Zelda wasn't actually in danger. She just had to sleep for a long time. I'm not saying that it wasn't a big deal, but the king of Hyrule chose to drown with his kingdom. He willingly...
  30. J

    Skyward Sword: The Worst 3D Zelda Title

    Pretty sure you just invalidated everything you've said up to this point.
  31. J


    Ahh if we're talking about achieving 100% completion then I agree. Wind Waker is a mammoth of a game to 100% and Twilight Princess had some cleverly hidden poes. I struggled with ONE gratitude crystal in Skyward. Just one.
  32. J


    Puzzles were pretty easy, but combat is the hardest since the N64 Zeldas. Have you played Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, or Phantom Hourglass? Those games are way easier.
  33. J

    Spoiler Quite a Moving Scene

    Nahh the most powerful scene in Wind Waker is the scene where the king of Hyrule reflects on his mistakes and tells Link and Zelda to find a new land before being swept away by the sea.
  34. J

    Spoiler Quite a Moving Scene

    The banging on the crystal was intense, and then when Link hangs his head in defeat..... Very emotional. Very nice scene.
  35. J

    If Gorons Aren't Technically Suposed to Exist Yet, Why Does Gorki Exist?

    The third runs the mine cart mini game. I know that it makes perfect sense for the Gorons to exist at this point in history, but I'm wondering why Nintendo included them from a developer's perspective. Any other race could have filled their three roles in this game. It just seems kind of...
  36. J

    If Gorons Aren't Technically Suposed to Exist Yet, Why Does Gorki Exist?

    Well there are two other Gorons in the game. But I really don't know why the Gorons are in this game. It almost seems like Nintendo felt like they had to put them in.
  37. J

    Hero Mode: Good or Bad?

    I'm starting a 6 heart run of hero mode. I considered not using a shield, but I think that would take out some of the fun and strategy so I will be using one. I'm going to try and not use potions though. I saved the game at the start of Faron Woods and I'm looking forward to having my *** handed...
  38. J

    Metascore Drops to 94, Two Mixed Reviews.

    ^ ^ Or they just don't understand motion controls.
  39. J

    So Skyward Sword Is...

    Pretty much this. Exploration is one of my favorite parts of the series. Everything else was just right though.
  40. J

    Metascore Drops to 94, Two Mixed Reviews.

    So you think that motion controls were not a change for the better because the game has a metacritic score one percent lower than the previous few games? In the gaming industry today, things have become stagnant. Hyper realism and gritty violence are the status quo. Thats just the way it is...
  41. J

    Spoiler Anyone else Notice These 'easter Eggs'?

    I knew the Lanayru Mine boss room reminded me of something! I just couldn't place it! I'm not sure if this was intentional though. Since there is no way the Tower of Spirits could exist in this land. And I don't think Nintendo would emulate such a key area from a different game with no good reason.
  42. J

    SS the Toughest Zelda?

    Sure, he's easy now. But was he easy the first time you fought him? Regardless, alot of people struggle with him because they are still mastering the controls.
  43. J

    Spoiler Ghirahim Like Fi?

    Yes Ghirahim is the anti-Fi. They are opposites in color, personality, and even the direction of their hair. The frustrating thing is the fact that the two do not acknowledge each other at all throughout the entire game.
  44. J

    What Shield Did You Use Before the Hylian Shield?

    Since we visit each area three times I used one variant of each type for each trip so that I could see Link with all of them. It went: Skyview - Wooden shield Earth Temple - Iron shield Lanayru Mining Facility - Banded shield Ancient Cistern - Sacred shield Sandship - Divine shield Fire...
  45. J

    SS the Toughest Zelda?

    No where close. But it is not insultingly easy like the last few games have been. I think the difficulty level was just right. I personally would have liked some harder puzzles, but I'm a masochist :P Off the top of my head Loz, AoL, ALttP, and MM are more difficult. OoT and ST are just...
  46. J

    Does Skyward Sword Have Your Favorite 3D Zelda Combat Style?

    I'm not sure what you mean by style. And I didn't really mean that anyone who doesn't think Skyward has the best combat is wrong. I realize everyone has differnent opinions. I agree that Ocarina had a wider range of enemies that could be defeated in different ways. I wish Skyward had had more...
  47. J

    Spoiler Top Ten Favorite Skyward Sword Moments

    -The scene before the second Ghirahim battle -Ghirahim's maniacal laugh when he splits up Zelda and Link after Zelda wakes up -Ghirahim's dance right before he begins the ritual -Ghirahim's fury and the way he tosses Zelda in the air when Link battles his way through the horde -Groose seeing...
  48. J

    Does Skyward Sword Have Your Favorite 3D Zelda Combat Style?

    How does SS not have 100% of the votes?
  49. J

    Favourite Boss?

    1st Ghirahim battle - Fun and great use of sword. Nice change of pace not using dungeon item. Took me three tries Scaldera - Really easy, but he was pretty epic and had epic music. It was nice not fighting a boss in a circular arena for once too Moldarach - Pretty underwhelming. My least...
  50. J

    Spoiler A Question About the Location of the Master Sword at the End of SS

    I think there are two Temple of Times. The one we see in the desert, and the Sealed Temple. They both allow for time travel so it makes sense. And I could see Nintendo doing this to explain how we've seen the Temple in Castle Town and in the forest. But the placement of the Master Sword at the...
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