Royal Hidden Passage

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The Royal Hidden Passage is a location in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Royal Hidden Passage is a location found beyond a hidden wall in the Emergency Shelter. Initially, at the start of the game, the wall is covered and Link cannot access the hidden passage. However, if he returns after completing one of the major dungeons, a hole in a wall is discovered, leading to the passage.

Deep in the passage, Link will find an enemy Like Like and later some enemy Stone Pebblits. Link can use Ascend to reach a higher ledge, which eventually leads to a buried treasure chest, containing the Soldier's Greaves. Another treasure chest can be found nearby, containing a Soldier's Claymore. Deeper in there is a Stalnox covered in breakable boulders. In an adjacent room hidden behind breakable rocks there is an Ice Like Like and a chest containing Soldier's Helm. Further along in the cave, Link can find the remaining element of the set, the Soldier's Armor, locked behind a closed gate that can be bypassed by going into a nearby tunnel.

The passage itself is filled with boulders that Link can blast away using Bomb Flowers or weapons with rocks attached to them. The cave has a few Brightbloom Seeds and Brightcaps.

Who Goes There?

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Jerrin can be seen sweeping near the Royal Hidden Passage. After the pathway opens up, she thinks she is hearing the sounds of a demon. It is cause for Link to investigate, beginning the Who Goes There? quest. Inside the hidden passage, Link will come across the Horned Statue. After encountering the statue, Link can return to Jerrin to complete the quest.

A Deal With the Statue

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Inside the Hidden Passage, Link can break some boulders to find the Horned Statue. It will steal a Heart Container from Link, but if Link asks for it back, it offers either the Heart Container, or a Stamina Vessel. After getting one of them back, it will complete the quest. At any point from this point forward Link can exchange one for another, at the net cost of 20 Rupees.