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Dabi (Husband)
Kenyo (Son)
Ena (Daughter)
Sho (Son)

Banji is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom. She is a Hylian that works at the Tabantha Bridge Stable and is an informal guide to Link once addressed.

Breath of the Wild

At 7am each morning, Banji heads outside to prepare the hay for the goats at the stable. At 10am, Banji then makes here way over to where the Cooking Pot is, where she is cataloging some of the cargo from the stable.[1]. At 3pm she makes her way over to where the horses are, taking care of them.[2]. At 9pm she will head inside and can be seen looking after some of the children at the Tabantha Bridge Stable. During the overnight hours, she spends time standing near their beds and watching them sleep.[3].

Banji will give Link directions and insight about the areas surrounding the stable. To the east is Ludfo's Bog, which is under persistent thunderstorms. However, once Link completes the Trial of Thunder quest, the area will clear up. Banji thinks it was the Goddess Hylia that was responsible for finally clearing the dark storm clouds above and now she wants to take the horses out there on a trip.[4]

Banji will also describe the area south of the stable, beyond the Tamio River, up on Satori Mountain. She mentions the legend of the Lord of the Mountain that is said to have lived on the mountain and how it is a common bedtime story told to the children. She also mentions a god that watches over stables, implied to be Malanya.[5]

The area to the west is the Tabantha Great Bridge, which the stable is named after. Banji tells Link that if he follows the road, he'll eventually lead to Rito Village where the Rito live. However, it is a very long walk, so Link should pack well. Furthermore, she's concerned about Medoh, who is flying above the village, and is unsure if it is safe to be there.[6]

Banji will also mention that to the north, on the other side of Mount Rhoam, Link will find an old lad named Konba. Konba runs the Footrace mini-game, located at the Footrace Check-In. Banji recommends giving it a visit.[7]

Tears of the Kingdom

Early on in the game, Banji can be found at the Tabantha Bridge Stable, speaking with Bedoli, a female member of the Rito tribe. Due to the Blizzard conditions at Rito Village, Bedoli has traveled to the Tabantha Bridge Stable to pickup supplies.[8][9] Banji is more than happy to help out the Rito and wants to assure that no Rito children go without any food.[10][11]



  1. Hello! And welcome to Tabantha Bridge Stable, where I'm busy cataloging some very important cargo. - Banji
  2. Hello! And welcome to Tabantha Bridge Stable, where caring for the horses is the most pressing matter on my plate. - Banji
  3. Welcome to Tabantha Bridge Stable, where looking at a child's sleeping face makes me happy! If you need directions, just ask me. Any direction you want to know about? - Banji
  4. Well, to the east there's...Ludfo's Bog. Funny story, actually. There used to be a constant cover of dark storm clouds that had been there long before even my aunt was born. But then they suddenly all vanished! Praise Hylia! I'm even thinking of taking the horses there on a field trip soon. - Banji
  5. South, huh? My aunt used to tell us some crazy stories about that area. About how past Tamio River, on Satori Mountain, there lived a lord with dominion over all living things... It's an old legend that she tells the children before bedtime, even today. She also tells them about "the god who watches over the stables." Pfft... - Banji
  6. Ah, the west... If you head west, you'll spot the namesake of our stable, the Tabantha Great Bridge. If you cross the bridge and follow the road, you'll eventually get to Rito Village, hwere the Rito people live. It's a REALLY long walk to Rito Village, though, so you'll definitely want to bring some snacks. But...have you seen that THING? That...that creepy bird in the sky? It suddenly appeared above Rito Village and won't go away. If you're going there, you should be careful. Who knows what's going on there. - Banji
  7. The north? Oh, right... On the other side of Mount Rhoam, there's an odd lad named Konba who loves challenging strangers to a race. He must be REALLY bored. It might be nice of you to pay him a visit. - Banji
  8. "All right, then. I'll take them!" — Bedoli, Tears of the Kingdom
  9. "Oh! Do you need to speak with Banji? Apologies—we were caught up in our conversation. I'm from Rito Village, to the northwest. Times are tough where I'm from. Merchants aren't able to reach my village because of the blizzard. We're fortunate the kind folks from the stable are sharing their supplies with us. It's thanks to them that the children still have full bellies." — Bedoli, Tears of the Kingdom
  10. "Don't mention it, really. The Rito have been good neighbors to us. We're just returning the favor. You let me know if there's anything else you need, all right? I can arrange to have it sent here, and then pack it up for you to carry home." — Banji, Tears of the Kingdom
  11. "It's the least we can do, since traveling merchants can't reach your village. You need supplies, and we can afford to share. Simple as that. Please, take as much as you need. I don't want any Rito children going without food!" — Banji, Tears of the Kingdom