Hateno Beach

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Hateno Beach is a location in Breath of the Wild.

Hateno Beach

Breath of the Wild

The beach marks the end of the road that leads from Hateno Village. The beach surrounds the Hateno Bay and the sandy coastline stretches out into the very shallow waters. In the deeper portions of the water, there are some Armored Porgy and Mighty Porgy that Link can catch.

The Sheep Rustlers

Main article: The Sheep Rustlers

When Link speaks with Koyin, who can be found managing a farm on the eastern outskirts of Hateno Village, Link finds out that some monsters have stolen some of Koyin's sheep. Koyin has tasked Link in recovering her stolen sheep, which begins The Sheep Rustlers sidequest. There is a large Moblin camp here, with dangerous Blue Moblin and Black Bokoblin. Defeating all of the enemies at the camp and then returning and speaking with Koyin will complete the quest. The camp also has a treasure chest that contains a Ruby gem.