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Breath of the Wild
Travels the road between the Highland Stable and the Lakeside Stable

Tears of the Kingdom
Hyrule Forest Park
Hyrule Garrison Ruins
Hateno Village

Meeshy is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Meeshy is a traveler who journeys across the pathway connecting the Highland Stable with the Lakeside Stable. When leaving the Highland Stable, she is always running, as the area surrounding the stable is dangerous with enemies.[1][2] Meeshy believes that monsters seem to have an attraction to her as wherever she goes, monsters are soon to follow.[3] When monsters approach, Meeshy will run for cover.[4][5] If Link fights off the monsters, Meeshy will thank him and reward him a variety of meals, including a Hasty Mushroom Omelet.[6]

Meeshy ventures through the Faron Woods and has some knowledge about the territory. While she feels the woods are very thick, densely wooded, and a bit tricky to navigate, she seems comfortable navigating the woods with a map.[7] She speaks of a lake referred to as the Mouth of the Dragon, but is not certain of what it is.[8][9] She is referring to the Dracozu Lake, as when looking at the lake from a map, it does have resemble that of a mouth. She further talks about the ancient ruins and the Spring of Courage, which are further north within the Faron Woods, but she has never traveled there.[10][11]

While near the Lakeside Stable, Meeshy will talk about the waterfalls of Lake Floria. She is enthralled by them and wants to walk behind a waterfall.[12][13]

Meeshy stops and sits on the stool at the Highland Stable and here, she will give Link directions to reaching Lake Hylia and the Faron Woods.[14] After arriving at Lakeside Stable, she will stop and rest. Meeshy will give Link directions from the Lakeside Stable, telling him he can travel east from there to visit Lurelin Village.[15][16] She will then head back to Highland Stable, although she still has worries of the monsters that surround the place.[17][18]

Tears of the Kingdom

Meeshy can be seen walking along the path, near the Hyrule Garrison Ruins. She asks Link if he is searching for Misko's Treasure. She will mark two locations on Link's map. A 'fairly wild' outfit, which can fill the wearer with power is located just east of Hyrule Castle at the Crenel Hills Cave. A 'very snappy' outfit, which can keep you safe in lightning is located just northeast of the Great Plateau in the Whistling Hill Cave.

Meeshy will also speak to Link about the Great Fairies, who have recently withdrawn due to all the ugliness in the world. She thinks there is one near the Woodland Stable to the northeast.



  1. For some reason, I always seem to attract monsters... And it looks like there are a lot of monsters near the stable too. My only hope is to try and sash past them! - Meeshy
  2. There are lots of monsters near the stable. They're really scary, so I'm going to try and just dash past them! - Meeshy
  3. You know how some people just seem to attract mosquitoes? Well, that's how I am with monsters, it seems... - Meeshy
  4. I wish the monsters would just go away... - Meeshy
  5. What should we do... - Meeshy
  6. That was really scary... I'm glad you were around. Here take this in thanks... - Meeshy
  7. Faron Woods is tricky, but with a map close at hand, you should be fine! - Meeshy
  8. Faron Woods is a densely wooded area... There's a lake there called "Mouth of the Dragon," or something... - Meeshy
  9. Faron Woods is really, really thick. I've also heard of a lake there called... "Mouth of the Dragon" or something... I heard this tidbit from another adventurer, and I just couldn't wait to share it! - Meeshy
  10. There are ancient ruins hidden away in the Faron Woods. I'd never go there, but they sound...romantic! - Meeshy
  11. Have you ever heard of the Spring of Courage? It's supposed to be in Faron Woods. I have no idea what's in those woods, though, so I'm definitely not going there. - Meeshy
  12. Lake Floria has many waterfalls. I want to go behind one... - Meeshy
  13. I'm still a novice when it comes to adventuring, but I do hear lots of stories from adventurers at the stable. Like...Lake Floria has several waterfalls in the area! You know...I've always liked the idea of going behind a waterfall. - Meeshy
  14. ...So Lake Hylia is northwest of here, and east of that should be Faron Woods. - Meeshy
  15. Starting from here at Lakeside Stable, if you go further east, you'll come to a fishing village called Lurelin Village. Of course, it'd be awful if I left out the part about how you'll definitely be attacked by monsters along the way. - Meeshy
  16. If you go further east from here, you'll eventually reach a fishing town called Lurelin Village. - Meeshy
  17. I plan to head for Highland Stable. I'm still a novice adventurer, so I'm really excited! - Meeshy
  18. The monsters that attacked me near the Highland Stable were so scary... I still sometimes see them in my dreams! - Meeshy