Ebon Mountain

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Ebon Mountain

Ebon Mountain is a location found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The mountain is located at the highest elevation, just south of Hateno Village. The mountain looks out to the Kitano Bay and the rest of the Necluda Sea to the east. It also looks out to the Loshlo Harbor to the south. From the southwest end of Hateno Village, where Link's House will be built by Bolson Construction, there is a direct path to walk up the mountain. Along the pathway, there are several yellow flowers that Link can collect, eventually leading to a white flower and a Korok Seed.

At the very peak of the mountain, there is a small pond in the shape of a broken heart. The small pond is the counterpart to the similar pond near the peak of Tuft Mountain, just west of Lurelin Village. The pond located there is a similar heart shape, but it is not broken. The pond on Tuft Mountain is also known as Sweetheart's Pond and is where people go to meet that special someone. Link will find Mimos wandering around on top of Ebon Mountain, waiting for that special somebody, but nobody every shows up.[1][2][3] Link eventually tells Mimos that maybe he should try a different pond, referring to the one over at Tuft Mountain.[4]

There are several Fairies and Hot-Footed Frogs wandering about near the peak of the mountain. There are Mountain Goats and Grassland Fox all throughout the area. Along the steep cliffs, Link will also find some Rushrooms.

There are several Ore Deposits at the southpart of the mountain, including deposits that contain Luminous Stones, near the overhangs of the pathway, southwest of the mountain. Just to the southeast of the mountains peak, on a much lower elevation, there is a circle of rocks with one rock missing. Placing the rock in the appropriate circle will cause a Korok to appear.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Follow the long yellow flower trail to the top of the hill. The start of the trail is pictured here and begins a bit north west of the location on the ground around the hill.

Follow the long yellow flower trail to the top of the hill. The start of the trail is pictured here and begins a bit north west of the location on the ground around the hill.

Drop a rock to complete the circle. The rock is downhill in the direction of the open spot (southwest).

The rock's starting position is just downhill and to the southwest, in the direction of the open slot, not quite visible from the circle of rocks. Carry it to the circle and complete it.

Tears of the Kingdom

Ebon Mountain is a tall mountain found directly south of Hateno Village.

Directly south of the peak of the mountain, there is an enemy camp with some Aerocuda and several Blue Bokoblin. There is a wooden chest here that contains five Arrows.

Korok Seeds

  • Just south of the Firly Pond at the southwest edge of Hateno Village, there is a Korok trying to reunite with his friend. Link can use Zonai Devices to get the Korok up the cliff, or walk the really long way around Hateno Village. Eventually, Link can reunite the two Koroks on Ebon Mountain to get the Korok Seeds.
  • Northeast of Ebon Mountain, on the higher hill, there is a pinwheel. Stand next to the pinwheel and shoot the three balloons to get the Korok Seed.
  • Directly east of the peak of the mountain, there are two block puzzles. Use Ultrahand to move the missing blocks in place so that the two sets of blocks match.



Bugs and Materials


  1. You here to meet your soul mate too? - Mimos
  2. Yeah, same. There's just one problem... Nobody's shown up yet. I thought this was the "sweetheart's pond" everyone talks about, but maybe I'm in the wrong place? - Mimos
  3. Where's that special someone I've been waiting for? Is this a sign? Should I put myself out there more? - Mimos
  4. Hmm, hmmmmm... You really think that'll help? - Mimos