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  1. mooper11

    Top Ten Games That I Want To See On Wii's VC

    Mother 1, 2, and 3 IN ENGLISH!!!
  2. mooper11

    What Some Parents Think of the XBOX360.

    Well duh a PS2 is better than a 360, it's like common sense.
  3. mooper11

    AVGN Vs The IRate Gamer

    Okay, Flame shield up. I like Irate Gamer more, because he get in more depth in the games and tells more about their history. Plus the IRateGamerNeo vids also do new stuff to. And his characters actually interact with him and just don't get beat up or stay behind his couch playing an acoustic.
  4. mooper11

    Rainbow Road

    In terms of the actual track, Mario Kart Wii wins. But for music, it's gotta be Double Dash http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8hDPY3TAWA So classic
  5. mooper11

    If You Were to Marry a Video Games Character, Who Would It Be?

    On hottness, its a tie between samus and chun-li On who I think protrays my likeness, im unsure
  6. mooper11

    Which Will You Get?

    3DS because of the quality of the games that they probably produce.
  7. mooper11

    Youtuber: Chuggaaconroy

    WHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! Incase you didn't know, that was a chuggaa reference. But seriously, Chuggaa = EPIC * 9000. He's funny and he's helpful. He prefers to do "black sheep" games and games that a lot of people don't know about, or games that he thinks are underrated. Everyonce in...
  8. mooper11


    Um, that question wasn't directed at you. But let me rephrase my question, do you still play games that are outdated and have crudy graphics? ID you do why?
  9. mooper11

    Who Did You Want to Win the Superbowl?

    PACKERS!!!! The Steelers are overrated and a bunch of players and theyve won too many superbowls already. Give someon else a chance.
  10. mooper11


    Yes, but did you play those games for the graphics? NO!!! You don't play a game just to say "Ooh, pretty colors,"!
  11. mooper11


    Well, that's what some companies think. But why did we, the gamers, spend all of our quarters on Street Fighter and Double Dragon? Why did we spend hours and hours with our buddies playing Goldeneye007 and/or Perfect Dark. Why did we play The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, and...
  12. mooper11

    What Are the Best Games of All Time, Objectively?

    You could say the samething about Oot. 1. The teleport spell still have you traveling around even after you use them, and traveling at the beginning without Epona is really tedious. 2. Oh trees like I haven't seen those A THOUSAND TIMES BEFORE. 3. At least Wind Waker had a main hub. Plus there...
  13. mooper11

    What Game Was More Important for Gaming, Super Mario 64 or Loz: Ocarina of Time?

    Definately Mario. It was the first sucessful 3D game and it introduced 3D platforming which Banjo Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64 would follow by that example. It was also the first game that really made you really want to collect everything. OoT's collectathon was just for an endless uply of...
  14. mooper11

    What's Your Favourite Fighting Game?

    Wow, I really didn't expect a ton of people saying SSB is the best. To me, they're feel like budget games and are too overpriced. And after this post, please only say one game, not a list or a series please.
  15. mooper11

    Who Are Your 5 Favorite Video Game Characters?

    1 Shadow 2 Snake 3 Dante 4 Travis 5 Amaterasu
  16. mooper11

    What Are Your Top 10 Non-Zelda Games of All Time?!

    1 Super Mario Brothers 3 2 Metoid Prime Trilogy 3 Goldeneye 007/ Perfect Dark 4 Super Smash Bros. Melee 5 StarFox 64 6 Megaman 2 7 Earthbound 8 Okami 9 Pikmin 10 Pokemon Emerald I only did one per franchise, just so you know.
  17. mooper11

    The 7th Genration Console Known As "Zeebo".

    If that controller isn't a direct rip of the classic controller, then I don't know what is. Sure, it be mice to rebuy games I already have played, but do I really want to? No. I got a bigger kick out of the Tron wiimote. But, it is nice for places like China and Mexico to get some of the...
  18. mooper11

    Your Favorite Zelda Theme

    I've always liked snow. There have just been a lot of good Ice/snow dungeons in Zelda games and outside Zelda Games like Paper Mario's Ice Palace. They're also very calming to me and they usually have very cool bosses. But that's just my opinion.
  19. mooper11

    Favorite Zelda Species?

    Am I the first one to say Koroks? They can fly like the Rito, plant seeds, and sing really good. Plus they're funny as crap.
  20. mooper11

    What Games Are You Looking Forward to 2011?

    Marvel vs Capcom 3. It's about time after what 10 years since it was on dreamcast. Capcom is the kking of fighters, and its time to get another jewel. Skyward sword too.
  21. mooper11

    Do You Recommend Super Scribblenauts?

    Trust me, you'll love it. The controls were fixed and the amount of stuff that you can do is awesome. THe puzzles are hard enough for a gamer, but easy enough for a casual kid.
  22. mooper11

    What's Your Favourite Fighting Game?

    There are a lot of good fighters in this world. Some were revolutionary, and some have been forgotten. So what's your favourite fighting game. Mine is Mortal Kombat. The Fatalities are something that nobody thought of, and they caused a lot of controversy at the time. From Liu Kang's...
  23. mooper11

    Spoiler What Beast Ganon Looks Coolest?

    No I think he's the best one too. The trident with the skull really helps him pull it off, and the Red cape makes him go all out like Ceasar
  24. mooper11

    General Modern Who's Better, WW Link or TP Link?

    I'd say WW Link. He has much more Charisma than TP link does and his facial expressions are funnier. But that's just my opinion.
  25. mooper11

    Favorite Item

    Wow, that's a very tough question. In my mind, the best weapon is the most practical. So the grappling hook wins for me. You can stun enimies like the boomerang, but you can also take their belongings and health, get sunken treasure, and be Indiana Jones. But that's just my opinion
  26. mooper11

    The Legend of Zelda Most Annoying and Hardest Enemies?

    The most annoying enemy in Ocarina of Time is definately the Keese. They swarm you and they can be fire and ice keese. If you use Din's fire on them, THEY TURN INTO FIRE KEESE!!! The fire keese can get rid of you deku sheld, and go back to a torch to turn into fire keese again. The Ice keese are...
  27. mooper11

    A New Pokémon Game on Wii?

    Make one like the Orre games except, make it to where you can catch you own pokemon IN THE WILD!!! I dont wanna be the good guy and steal from everyone else. Make minigames and stuff like stadium and have gym leaders (not gym leader castle) and make it like the handheld games. A region with...
  28. mooper11

    3DS Games You Want

    I'm getting the red one, and Ill get the paper mario, kid icarus, and mabye black
  29. mooper11

    Do You Want the Hookshoot

    If some form of the Hookshot isn't in Skyward Sword, the entire Zelda fanbase will explode in anger. Aonuma is smarter than that.
  30. mooper11

    If You Could Have Any Character in Brawl Who Would it be?

    Ridley, its about time that Nintendo treats some of its other franchises besides Mario and Zelda with some more respect. Plus we need as many willians as we do heros
  31. mooper11

    The Best Game: Ocarina of Time, Majoras Mask or Twilight Princess?

    Why does nobody like Wind Waker? it's clearly better than these 3 three games. I'd say MM, TP, OoT
  32. mooper11

    Your Opinion on Emulation

    Well don't come cryin to us when you have to pay some heavy fines for emulating
  33. mooper11

    The Master Sword, the Magic Sword?

    I must disagree. Since the 8-bit originals are on the adult timeline and ALttP is one the childs Timeline, they have no connection. Plus, The master Sword is sealed away at the bottom of the Great Sea in Ganondorf's head. The Hyrule in the 8-Bit games are also beleived to be the new Hyrule...
  34. mooper11

    Your Opinion on Emulation

    I think Nintendo should just make one system and keep with that. So we never have to emulate anymore just so we can play more games that we can't get. I also think they should release some of their Japan only titles in America too *cough* MOTHER 1! *cough*, I don't wanna emulate the beta just...
  35. mooper11

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Ocarina of Time Need for Speed: Carbon Goldeneye 007 (Wii) Kirby's Epic Yarn I hear you Mikau. I've had 3 different Wiis. The first was the original, then two replacements from Nintendo. The Wii is more fragile than the 360 and they should make a more sturdy model I hear you Mikau...
  36. mooper11

    Games That Make You Laugh

    Am I the first one to say Zero Wing? All your base are belong to us. Who new that a mistake like a bad translation could be so funny? I'd also have to say Earthbound because they aren't afraid of breaking the fourth wall and they have a lot of whity diolouge from asking what the players name is...
  37. mooper11

    Who Should Be in the Next Smash Bros Game?

    No, I love TP, I just hate OOT THanks for clearing that up for me
  38. mooper11

    Who Should Be in the Next Smash Bros Game?

    Lucas is from Mother 3 not Earthbound, Ness is from Earthbound and I actually like Ness/Lucas. Just because they're slow doesn't mean their good. Their C-stick smash attacks are powerful and they hit hard. Though I wish Lucas didn't have PK Freeze because he didn't learn that move. PK Rockin'...
  39. mooper11

    Worst Movie Ever Seen

    Doogal, without a dobut. It was so bad that I actually puked the next morning. Basically a bounchy ball with a moustasche on a spring traps three kids inside of a merry-go round thats covered in ice, and now its up to one of the kids dogs, Doogal, to save them. WTF?!
  40. mooper11

    Your Opinion on Emulation

    That was taken from NOA's official website. Basically it says that even if you own the game, if you emulate it, its considered an illegal copy. There are more things about that on NOA's Emulating website listed here: http://www.nintendo.com/corp/legal.jsp#download_rom Well If I go to gamestop...
  41. mooper11

    Who's Your Favorite Super Hero?

    It's official, Batman pws everyone (except Chuck Norris).
  42. mooper11

    Your Opinion on Emulation

    I don't emulate because IT'S ILLEGAL!!!
  43. mooper11

    What Were Your Favorite Childhood Tv Shows You Used to Watch

    I didn't have Cable when I was a kid so...
  44. mooper11

    Fav Video Game BGM

    Wind Waker's credits theme. Its just so awesome.
  45. mooper11

    OoT Hyrule and the WW Great Sea - Similarities?

    Since the god flooded Hyrule to create the Great Sea, they are all the same when you overlap them. But Death Mountain and Hyrule are not in the same places as Dragon Roost and Tower of the Gods.
  46. mooper11

    Songs That Defined 2010

    The only good "rockband" I can think of that was 2010 was Airbounre. They sound so much like AC/DC and they have good beats. Heres the link to their 2010 singles Blonde, Bad, and Beautiful http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ku2YavtBEww No Way But the Hard Way...
  47. mooper11

    Favorite Brand of Computer

    AlienWare. You can change the color of the lights under your keyboard. And they're good gaming computers
  48. mooper11

    If You Could Ask Shigeru Miyamoto or Eiji Aonuma One Question, What Would It Be?

  49. mooper11

    What is Your Favorite Shooter?

    Is this really hard. DUN DUN. DUN DUN. DUN DUN. DUNUH NUH NUH NUH!! Goldeneye for the N64
  50. mooper11

    Who Should Be in the Next Smash Bros Game?

    Sephiroth Sora Kefka Ryu Chun-Li Megaman Frank West Amaterasu Handsome Tom (that dude who got kicked out of Screwattack) Master Cheif Shadow Banjo & Kazooie and above all FIERCE DIETY LINK!!!! Please Please Please get rid of Olimar Ike Lucario and ROB
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