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Grog is a young man who has appeared in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. In Ocarina of Time, he is the son of the carpenter boss Mutoh, and his counterpart in Majora's Mask runs the Cucco Shack.

Ocarina of Time

Although originally unnamed in Ocarina of Time, Grog plays a large part in the game's Trading Sequence and is given a surprising amount of background story. Grog is the son of Mutoh, the boss of the carpenters,[1][2] and brother of the Cucco Lady Anju.[3] He's unemployed[2] and can be found at night brooding beneath the large tree in Kakariko Village.

In the adult portion of the game, he travels to the Lost Woods to pick an Odd Mushroom for the old hag at the potion shop, who has always wanted to make potions using ingredients from the lost woods.[4] When Link encounters him in the woods, he appears to be near death. If Link brings him his old cucco Cojiro from his sister, Grog sees that he's a trustworthy person and begs Link to deliver the Odd Mushroom.[5]

Continuing the trading sequence, Link delivers the mushroom to the witch at the Potion Shop, who uses it to create the Odd Potion. She's upset that Grog entered the Lost Woods and instructs Link to take the potion to him. She calls Grog a fool and fears that he may turn into a monster,[6][7] which is said to happen to people who enter the woods.[8]

When Link return to where Grog was, he instead finds Fado, who informs him that Grog is gone, implying that he has become a Stalfos.[9] She asks for the potion made of forest mushrooms to be returned, and in exchange she gives Link the Poacher's Saw that Grog left.

Majora's Mask


  This section contains non-canon fan theory and speculation.
  • The Potion Shop hag may be Grog's mother. Her shop is near the carpenters' house, and Grog seems more concerned that the wench receives the Odd Mushroom than for his own health.
  • Grog may have suffered from some illness which kept him from working and required the Odd Potion to cure. However, the Potion Sho p hag merely references his foolishness.[10] Alternatively, he may have obsessed over getting the Odd Mushroom simply to please the Potion Shop hag, who may be his mother as stated above.