Forest Coliseum

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Forest Coliseum




Gloom-wreathed Black Hinox



The Forest Coliseum is a Depths location from Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

If Link travels west from Ramobnukas Lightroot, he will find a trail of Mighty Bananas leading to the Forest Coliseum. If he collects the trail to the end, this will trigger a cutscene where the Coliseum's door seals and two Yiga Footsoldiers mock him for his greed in thinking anyone would just leave "precious bananas" lying around. They then release a gloom-wreathed Black Hinox in an attempt to kill him.

When Link kills the Hinox, the Coliseum door opens. While the Yiga Clansmen have fled, a gloom-wreathed chest in the Hinox's cell loses the gloom, allowing Link to open it. It contains the Korok Mask.