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  1. Izagar

    Izagar's Art

    I kinda died for a few years here and I'm not sure if I made an old art topic, so I'll just make a new one and hopefully try and update it here.. I'll share a couple of free posts that I've uploaded to my Patreon just so people will be interested, but most others will be behind a paywall until a...
  2. Izagar

    Advertising question

    What if I make a topic for my art and advertise my Patreon in my art topic as well, only advertising there. Patreon is a website where people make money via donations from their patrons for creating things, like artwork, videos, writings, and other things. So if I kept advertising it in only MY...
  3. Izagar

    Do You Have Twitter?

    I have one but I sorta use it. Not to much. Mostly use Zelda Sanctuary's more to get more people to visit my site.
  4. Izagar

    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages Let's Play (Semi-Blind) Oracle of Seasons

    So I decided to try my hand out at making a Let's Play of Oracle of Seasons. I'm doing this to get myself ready to writing my own walkthrough for the Oracle of Seasons. I've forgotten most of the game, but it's slowly coming back to me. You view the entire Let's Play down below and I'll be...
  5. Izagar

    SSB4: the Little Things

    Well all I know is that possibly Lucario will replaced by the new Mewtwo forme: Other than that, in terms of mechanics, please remove the tripping and please make it more like Brawl + Hacks. That was extremely fun to bash my ex-boyfriend in Brawl by having Demise (Ganondorf Model Hack) fight...
  6. Izagar

    Google Autocomplete Hilarity.

    I like it when you die. Morbid ._.;
  7. Izagar

    Spoiler Link & The Imprisoned

    To me, I think the Imprisoned fights were merely there to show you that the seal was quickly weakening. It gave you a sense of urgency and feel like you have to quickly find a way to seal the beast again or worry it will break free again.
  8. Izagar

    WW-Wii U Wind Waker Review

    Oh no, I beat it. XD. I know it is timed, but I swear it sounded like this: Skyward Sword - Isle Of Songs - Learning Din's Power - YouTube Was just "SWIPE, SWIPE! SWIPE, SWIPE! I MADE MUSIC MAWWWW!" when I played it. Then again, I haven't played SS since I got kicked out of my now...
  9. Izagar

    WW-Wii U Wind Waker Review

    Music, I'd agree with you on that, there was some notable tunes. Musical instrument... Have you even seen Skyward Sword's "instrument". WAGGLE WAGGLE WAGGLE. Also, using a tune too much? Play Ocarina of Time Master Quest and tell me about using a tune too much. @_@;; Bosses, most are easy, but I...
  10. Izagar

    So... How's the Weather?

    Rained here in the thumb region of Michigan. NO MORE SNOW (Hopefully). Winter lasted a bit too long.
  11. Izagar

    What Are You Currently Doing in the Pokémon World?

    Whenever I feel like playing Pokemon White 2 again, I'm gonna try and breed for superior Pokemon to use in wifi battles. I don't know exactly which ones to use, but I'm bullcraping EV training by battling the Elite 4 multiple times (with all Legendaries xD) to get money to buy Vitamins. I...
  12. Izagar

    Zelda Game Where Link Dies, and You Play Zelda?

    But he's reborn. Every Link is related by spirit, not blood. So no, it's not ALTTP since Zelda still needs to be saved, XP. The only one where Zelda is the main character is the CD-I spinoffs.
  13. Izagar

    First or Third Person Shooters?

    First person. The third person would be annoying. Like try to target in Zelda (which changes to third person) without locking on an enemy, then try and hit something. Annoying.
  14. Izagar

    Twilight Princess What is the Blood Extent in Twilight Princess?

    I only noticed blood coming out of Beast Ganon and that's it.
  15. Izagar

    From where do you get your news?

    I don't have cable, but the only news I follow is Townhall. YAY! Conservative news!
  16. Izagar

    Board Games - What Are Your Favorites?

    Mainly just Monopoly any more. Does Chess count too?
  17. Izagar

    Worst Thing You've Ever Tasted

    My stepdad told me to have a dog treat... NASTY.
  18. Izagar

    General Classic What Game is the Most Dated in Your Opinion

    Four Swords (GBA). I almost beat Vaati if my nephew would listen to me (he had to attack his color, but he didn't). From what I recall, it barely had a story, was more multiplayer than anything, and if you didn't have friends with a GBA, a cable, etc, you're effed.
  19. Izagar

    Ocarina of Time Am I the Only One?

    The well and Shadow Temple are far creeper to me ._.;
  20. Izagar

    Hurrah! EA is Voted Worst Company!

    The only good thing they have is Sims and Sim City, but even those games are buggy as hell.
  21. Izagar

    Master Sword Powers?

    ...the other." The words of Zelda echo here. If there was no more evil, then there would only be good. It would imbalanced. The Master Sword is there only to establish balance between good and evil. ...The Goddess Sword didn't have the power to repel evil till Zelda blessed it. *Facepalms*
  22. Izagar

    Twilight Princess Temple of Time

    Even if the pedestals were in different locations, one could say they did expand the Temple of Time. That's why the statues are there in Twilight Princess and not in Ocarina of Time. You see, when time passes, a lot of buildings are given new additions to them. They don't stay the same forever...
  23. Izagar

    Which Pokemon Game?

    HeartGold/SoulSilver if you want to relive the good old days with some new stuff. Or Black and White 1/2. They have the most interesting plots. Telling of two heroes and a single dragon that split into three. Then you have the character N (short for Natural... which is based on his IQ) who...
  24. Izagar


    Well back when the Zelda Community was tighter... I used it to converse with people like Mases, Jason of ZU, Nathan of ZI, Noah at LegendZelda, and other webmasters. I use it mostly to chat since everyone seemed to have jumped off MSN. :/
  25. Izagar

    Which Game Was Your First?

    Pokemon Blue version. But I think I got that then about a month later got Red Version... I've got all of the main games but Diamond, HeartGold, White, and Black 2. Edit: Well until they were lost due to moving. So now I have to collect them again.
  26. Izagar

    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages Where Are Holodrum and Labrynna?

    There's no real proof of their locations, not even in Hyrule Historia. they must be far because the Triforce needed to warp Link to each of the respective lands. That's the same as what I think of Subrosia, what SHOULD BE under Holodrum, but there's a Sea there, and the Pirate's Ship is...
  27. Izagar

    New Info On Zelda Wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Game Freak does, and they are owned by Nintendo. :P http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_Freak :clap: "Awesome! New Zelda Wii trailer! ...Epic and *rickroll'd* FFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!" Calm it. We're just saying the information is false. If it was true information it would...
  28. Izagar

    New Info On Zelda Wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's Pokemon. Not Zelda. Pokemon is owned by Gamefreak, a company under Nintendo, so of course it's going to be different. Zelda is owned entirely by Nintendo, but some rights have been given to Capcom for several games like OOS, OOA, ALTTP/FS, TMC, etc. I doubt that Nintendo would go back to...
  29. Izagar

    New Info On Zelda Wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lol Zeldapedia. :P I don't trust them that much anyways, seeing as I haven't heard a lot of good things about them. Even then one of the Zeldapedia staff or frequent editor said on there a long time ago: If you want true information? http://zeldawiki.org/Zelda_Wii Either that, or keep onto...
  30. Izagar

    What Would You Call Your Child?

    I can't see why not. =\ Although it will have to wait till your way older XD.
  31. Izagar

    Help! 2nd Time in Sacred Grove and Can't Strike Stone to Open Temple Gate!

    So tell me what it was. I'm curious. And please do not double post. Use the edit button next time.
  32. Izagar

    Pokemon League!

    Alright. I'll start tomorrow and get my Wireless Router up. PM friend codes.
  33. Izagar

    Dungeons Are Hard.....maybe Too Hard?

    Mm... I hate the Water Temple, but I know where all the keys are now so it's not a pain. The only one I think I may have given up were both Water Temples in both games.
  34. Izagar

    My Timeline (beware, It's Long).

    I'm sorry for not posting but I'm not really active here... But I found another split in the timeline... possibly. .......TWW / PH - ST ......./ OOT............................................... ......LA .......\.......................................... ....../ ........MM - TP - ALTTP -...
  35. Izagar

    What Would You Call Your Child?

    FIXED... FOOL. Also adding to his list... Boy: Caleb, Brennan, Joseph... Girl: Sarah, Caitlyn, Kattianne.
  36. Izagar

    What Gaming systems do you have?

    N64, NGC, GBA, and DS. I used to own NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis systems.
  37. Izagar

    Favorite Dungeon in PH

    I think maybe Temple of Ice. Was the hardest one for me. Dang Eye switch puzzle.
  38. Izagar

    Link Able to Walk the Overworld?

    Where it stops in the middle of the forest maybe a train station or a platform you can stop at. It's been confirmed you CAN make your own train tracks some partway through the game. And the tower you see is the ST European box art.
  39. Izagar

    Help! 2nd Time in Sacred Grove and Can't Strike Stone to Open Temple Gate!

    The Stone is the one near the balcony. Dropping it allows you to go to the stone door I guess on the balcony you are talking about. This one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3PMOkFrZ1k
  40. Izagar


    I've watched YGO since it came out, as well got a few mangas and cards. I'm currently watching the Japanese episodes out Yu-gi-oh! 5Ds right now and waiting for their subbed versions. As you can tell from my name, I'm a YGO lover as my name is the Japanese name of Jaden Yuki. :P SYNCHRO...
  41. Izagar


    Used to watch it and I had the GBC game... Cute show. I don't remember a lot though.
  42. Izagar

    Third House

    Like he said. I think it was supposed to be in, but was dropped. But still I'd choose wisely who I'd get charms from. I always pic like Farore and Din however.
  43. Izagar

    Pokemon League!

    I'll join with my Platinum version. Does Garchomp count as an uber? Can we use IV/EV Pokemon?
  44. Izagar

    Your Username

    Judai is Jaden Yuki from YGO GX... I want my name changed to Yusei though... But Mases said no. D:
  45. Izagar

    Help! 2nd Time in Sacred Grove and Can't Strike Stone to Open Temple Gate!

    Did you press the stone in the back by the stone door if you beat the Skull Kid? That may trigger it. Or check the door.
  46. Izagar

    Help! 2nd Time in Sacred Grove and Can't Strike Stone to Open Temple Gate!

    Do you have the Master Sword equipped? If so, stand in front of the pedestal and press the button to "strike" the pedestal. If not you may have hit a glitch, but I've never experienced it on the Gamecube version.
  47. Izagar

    My Timeline (beware, It's Long).

    This is a timeline I mainly made for my site: Zelda Temple I've decided to make a timeline theory of my own and that is using games I have played thus far. Note that this is all my own theory and is not in anyway affected much by Nintendo’s timeline or their theories, but mainly my own...
  48. Izagar


    I have an idea: RANDOM SPAWNING COWS. Nah kidding. Although they could just be random character placements.
  49. Izagar

    TP: Stuck in City in the Sky 2nd Room

    You're out of luck, mam. There's no way to get the key now.
  50. Izagar

    The Generally Accepted Timeline Theories

    The only one I believe is my own, which I am still working on: ...............TWW - PH - TMC - FSX - ALTTP - LA - LOZ - AOL - OOS/OOA ....../ OOT ......\ MM - TP The only reasons are for this: - PH are similar. A dream land with a whale as the main character (Wind Fish and Ocean King). - OOS...
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