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Izagar's Art


Working on a webcomic. :D
Oct 18, 2007
I kinda died for a few years here and I'm not sure if I made an old art topic, so I'll just make a new one and hopefully try and update it here.. I'll share a couple of free posts that I've uploaded to my Patreon just so people will be interested, but most others will be behind a paywall until a month or so has past.

So anyways, here are some things I've made recently or semi-recently, or a few years ago that I like:

Twilight Princess Link (for $1+ Patreons):


Ocarina of Time Link chibi:


Reshiram vs. Zekrom (Click for big picture):

And finally:


A new drawing that I also put up for free on Patreon. It's a commission piece for a friend who gets it without watermarks. :3

More art on my personal website.

So yeah, there is some art I made. I am trying to make more, but I've kinda been in a rut. I am going to make more art soon and then work on my webcomic, Naevorlis, in the near future as well.

Feel free to comment! :D

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