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Advertising question


Working on a webcomic. :D
Oct 18, 2007
The Rules said:
Advertising: It's fine to link to a personal website in your signature, but it is against the rules to create a thread or make a post in another thread purely to advertise something. In addition, while we try to be inclusive of all ages, nationalities, races, beliefs, etc., if you are a spam bot, you will be discriminated against with no mercy.

What if I make a topic for my art and advertise my Patreon in my art topic as well, only advertising there. Patreon is a website where people make money via donations from their patrons for creating things, like artwork, videos, writings, and other things. So if I kept advertising it in only MY ART TOPIC, is that against the rules?

Please and thank you for clarification. <3


Staff member
Jun 15, 2010
There shouldn't be a problem if you make a topic in the Fan Works section and keep it all in there. Also remember not to spam it or make redundant posts such as bumping your thread or asking people to visit out-of-site content without any new work to show.

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