Zora Egg

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Zora Egg
An egg within the water tank at the Marine Research Lab



"It takes about one to three days from the time Zora eggs are laid for them to hatch"

— Professor

The Zora Eggs from Majora's Mask were laid by Lulu, the lead singer of The Indigo-Go's, a Zora band. However, prior to the events in the Great Bay, she lost her voice and did not want her boyfriend Mikau to find out about it. The waters of the Great Bay were not friendly for small eggs like hers so she put them inside the Marine Research Lab. Unfortunately, they were stolen by the Gerudo Pirates shortly after because the Skull Kid had tricked the Gerudo into thinking the eggs could help them in their search for valuable treasures. Mikau found out about the theft and went after the pirates, but he was mortally wounded and was spotted by Link on the Great Bay Coast.


Spoiler Alert! This section describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.

Link finds the dying Mikau floating in the shallows of the coast. He plays the Song of Healing in order to liberate the dying Zora from his pain and seal his spirit within a mask. Link uses the powers of the mask to retrieve the eggs, which he discovered belong to Lulu. He retrieves them from the Pinnacle Rock and the Pirates' Fortress using bottles as a form of transport for the eggs and rescues the Seahorse in the process. When all of the eggs are brought back into the tank, they hatch and form notes. Link learns the New Wave Bossa Nova and uses the song to restore Lulu's voice and wake the Giant Turtle, who transports him to the Great Bay Temple. Inside the temple, Link defeats the evil monster Gyorg and frees the Great Bay of the murky waters and all other evils that the Skull Kid caused.