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Travels the road between the South Akkala Stable and Kaepora Pass

Lonni is a character from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Lonni is a traveler who can be found walking between the South Akkala Stable and a small rest stop, just south of Tarrey Town. She wields a Hunter's Shield and Traveler's Sword to defend herself against any enemies she encounters.

She's a single woman who is out on the road, looking for her true love. However, her love for monsters has scared many of the men away.[1][2] As she is single woman out looking for her true love, she often gets mistaken for a Gerudo, although she bears no resembles to one.[3]

Lonni will talk about the Great Fairy, Mija, who can be found just south of the road from Tarrey Town. She had heard rumors that the Great Fairy has the ability to make clothes luxurious.[4][5] Lonnie also mentions Hyrule Castle, although she is more interested in the monsters that could be at the castle, as oppose to all the treasure.[6]

She will talk about a variety of monsters that she encounters, including a Stalnox, which while they are creepy, she thinks its cool the way that they toss their own bones out at their enemies.[7] While just north of Lake Akkala, Lonni mentions some rumors about a really big monster in the area, but she hasn't seen it herself. She is likely referring to the Stalnox, which is located just to the north in the East Akkala Plains.[8] She references the same monster when she is near the fork in the road, stating the path heading north leads to the East Akkala Stable, where Link will pass right by the Stalnox.[9][10]

Lonnie has some random knowledge about other enemies, such as Octoroks. She mentions that Octoroks can drown, even though they are octopi. Only Water Octoroks can survive in the water.[11]



  1. You're talking to me? I'm just a plain ol' Hylian traveler is all, nothing quite as interesting as a Gerudo or a monster. I'm out here traveling in search of my true love. I'm single and ready to mingle, but my love of monsters scares people away. - Lonni
  2. Oh, hello! I'm a bit surprised you decided to talk to me. My love of monsters often scares people away. No idea why! - Lonni
  3. Oh, you mistook me for a Gerudo? No worries, for some reason it happens all the time. No idea why! - Lonni
  4. Right now, I'm interested in rumors about the Great Fairy. They say just a single glance will bring you happiness... And that she can make your clothes more luxurious! - Lonni
  5. I heard there's a Great Fairy in this region. They say if you find her, you'll be blessed with happiness. I hope it's true. - Lonni
  6. I hear there's a lot of treasure left in the castle, but I get more excited thinking of all the monsters that much be in there! - Lonni
  7. Stalnoxes are pretty big and creepy, but the way they throw their own bones at you...is just so cool! Maybe I'll find someone who likes monsters as much as I do. Then we can stay up all night talking about Stalnoxes! - Lonni
  8. I heard there's a really big monster somewhere in this region. Like...REALLY big. Sadly, that's all the info I've got on it. It's not enough to track it down, but I would love to see such a big monster. - Lonni
  9. If you go north from here, you'll find the East Akkala Stables. I heard there are some strong monsters along the way. Just thinking about such strong monsters gives me goosebumps! - Lonni
  10. Even just hearing about a giant monster along the way to East Akkala Stable... It got me so excited-I'm still shaking! - Lonni
  11. Did you know Octoroks can drown even though they're octopi? Only Water Octoroks survive the plunge! - Lonni