Goron Shooting Gallery

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Goron Shooting Gallery
Goron Shooting Gallery interior





20 Rupees


Deflect balls into targets


"This is Goron Gallery! Our game was a big hit in Lynna Village! Right now, we're offering Lava Juice to one player with an excellent score! Want to try? It costs 20 Rupees."

— Goron Shooting Gallery Owner

The Goron Shooting Gallery is a mini-game from Oracle of Ages. The gallery itself is located in Labrynna within the Past, at the coordinate 2,N. The game is played very similarly to the Lynna Village Shooting Gallery, although the layout is completely different, as are the prizes.

The objective of the Goron Shooting Gallery - like that of the Lynna Village Shooting Gallery - is to hit a ball towards certain statues, awarding or detracting points. The balls are released from a hole in the center of the stage, and Link must use the Sword to deflect them into the various targets, each being worth different points. The fairy statues are worth 100 points; the blue statues are worth 30 points; the red statues are worth -10 points; the imps are worth -50 points. If Link fails to hit a ball, he suffers a 50-point loss, and gains no points if he does not hit a target with the ball.

In a Linked Game, the Goron Elder appears, and if Link tells him the correct secret, he is allowed to play with Biggoron's Sword. If Link's score is high enough, he learns another secret code which allows him to keep Biggoron's Sword and take it back to Holodrum.


The reward Link receives is dependent upon how high he scores.

Score Reward
0-99 Points Nothing[1]
100-199 Points 30 Rupees[2]
200-299 Points 20 Bombs[3]
300+ Points Gasha Seed[4]
100+ Points (first time only) Lava Juice[5]
400+ Points (first time only) Boomerang[6]



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  2. "�Ç100 points or more wins 30 Rupees!" — Goron Shooting Gallery Owner, Oracle of Ages.
  3. "�Ç200 pts or more wins 20 Bombs!" — Goron Shooting Gallery Owner, Oracle of Ages.
  4. "�Ç300 pts or more wins a Gasha Seed!" — Goron Shooting Gallery Owner, Oracle of Ages.
  5. "�ÇAmazing! You win the Lava Juice!!!" — Goron Shooting Gallery Owner, Oracle of Ages.
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