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Skulltula are spider-like creatures that have appeared in many Zelda games. They will return in Skyward Sword and will look similair to those in Twilight Princess.

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Ocarina of Time


Skullwalltula is the first variant, it's a small, white spider that crawls on vines. They can be taken out with the sword, but most of the time they will be beyond your sword's reach. The best way for Link to defeat them is with a ranged weapon, such as the Slingshot or Bow. Should Link try to climb on the vines without killing the Skulltula first, it will see him and charge, causing Link to fall back to the ground.

Big Skulltula

The Big Skulltula is a large spider that hangs down from the ceiling. It will spin from its armored front to its exposed underside and back every few seconds. There are multiple methods of defeating a Skulltula. As a child, Link should wait for it to reveal its back side and either rush in with a sword attack or shoot it with his Slingshot. As an adult, Link has more powerful weapons, so he can shoot them with the Bow or Hookshot while facing their armored side.

Gold Skulltula

Main article: Gold Skulltula

The third variant is the Gold Skulltula. There is an entire side quest dedicated to them where you hunt down the Gold Skulltulas to free the cursed family that lives in the House of Skulltula in Kakariko Village. When Link kills a Gold Skulltula, he will get a token. When Link gets a certain amount of tokens, (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 100 tokens) the curse will be broken on one more family member, and Link will be awarded with a prize (Adult Wallet, Stone/Shard of Agony, Giant's Wallet, Bombchus, Piece of Heart, Unlimited Rupees respectively).

Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask , Skulltullas have the ability to perform a spin attack which can damage Link. They don't take damage when struck from the front side by the Hookshot like Ocarina of Time, but the Bow is still effective in eliminating them.

Gold Skulltula

Gold Skulltulas return in Majora's Mask, but they are no longer spread out across the entire land. There are two Skulltula Houses, located in Southern Swamp and in Great Bay's Coast, that contain 30 Gold Skulltulas each. Collecting all 30 in a house will free someone from a curse, and this person will give you a reward. The Mask of Truth is found in the Swamp house, and the the Giant's Wallet (on the first day) and Heart Piece #34(on the 2nd and 3rd days) are found in the Great Bay Skulltula House.

Twilight Princess

Skulltula's have similar properties to their ancestors of Ocarina Of Time and Majora's Mask in this game, with a shielded front side and vulnerable back side. However, they will walk around on their own after being targeted or touched. Afterwards, they'll charge at Link until close enough to strike. If struck directly, Skulltulas will typically deflect the attack, giving off a blue spark on contact; although, if attacked at the right time, they will give a red spark, signifying a successful hit. Strategies on this enemy include: rolling around and attacking the back side, deflecting a bite attack and striking, or thrusting while they charge up an attack. Using a boomerang can be effective, as it momentarily stuns the Skulltula. These enemies can be found in the Forest Temple, as well as in various locations across Hyrule Field, specifically cavernous areas.

Skyward Sword

Skulltulas appear very much like their Twilight Princess predecessors. They are spider-like creatures with eight legs whose main attack is to dash its body towards Link. Skulltulas will appear in several different ways. Some drop down from the ceiling, others are hanging from a string, while some have full blown spider webs created to block your path. Link can knock down a Skulltula by breaking its string or spider web with the Beetle. Before you obtain the Beetle, you must whack hanging Skulltula until they spin around, revealing their weak spots.

Once a Skulltula is on the ground, Link can use his sword techniques to harm it. Once Link has sliced it with a sword attack the skulltula will stand on its back legs, revealing its weak spot. Link can then stab the large purple jewel on its stomach to defeat the skulltula. In some cases, after hitting the skulltula a number of times, it will flip over and land on its back. At this point Link can jump and deliver a finishing blow, stabbing right through its weak point.


• In Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, Skulltula is one of the few enemies that can be invisible to the naked eye. Link can use the Lens of Truth to make them visible.